Daryl Guberman’s narcissism is the gift that keeps giving.

Owner of unaccredited ISO 9001 certificate mill Guberman PMC LLC, he recently posted a YouTube video which  shows inspirational quotes from such luminaries as Helen Keller, Abraham Lincoln, John D. Rockefeller and Mahatma Gandhi, while tranquil piano music plays in the background. The clip ends with a quote from Daryl Guberman: “You know your business is a success when you can honestly say your customers are your friends.”

[Clip deleted by Guberman.]

The clip was posted on YouTube by IndustrialPR.net, a press release distribution house that Daryl uses to post news stories about himself.

Daryl Guberman inspirational message

If comparing yourself to Helen Keller isn’t strange enough, things get outright gruesome when Guberman uses the death of his own mother to advertise his connections, by running a 1998 condolence letter from Bill Clinton, and claiming, “Bill and Hillary Clinton are friends of Daryl Guberman’s family.”  Guberman recently invited Bill Clinton to his upcoming ASQ speech, and then ran a paid press release to advertise the invitation; again, he wasn’t actually advertising that Clinton was coming, just that he was invited.

UPDATE 20 July 2016: Guberman has now begun reposting Facebook articles that call for Hillary Clinton to be imprisoned, and which allege both Bill and Hillary Clinton are criminals. Some way to treat “friends of the family.”

The concerns and complaints about Daryl Guberman are pouring in here, and the sheer volume of information is delaying my piece on G-PMC for “The Indefensibles,” a series of articles on unaccredited ISO 9001 certificate mills.

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