Considering he’s used the photos of dead people and stock models to make his “companies” look legit, it’s probably no wonder that Daryl Guberman would sink to having fake videos made of airplanes with his company logo on the side. But in case you didn’t think he’d try something so stupid, here’s the evidence.

Over on Twitter, Guberman tweeted a video showing an airplane taxiing, bearing the logo of his certificate mill company G-PMC on the side. Guberman then claims it’s a “customer” helping to promote G-PMC by slathering his logo on a jumbo jet. Because, you know, clients do that sort of thing all the time. Here’s the direct link to the tweet, and here’s a screenshot:

Now, previously, Guberman and his partner, human medicine ball and beluga whale dietitian Don LaBelle, stooped to making fake videos of actors in front of greenscreens pretending to be issuing “press conferences” promoting G-PMC products, so it wasn’t a stretch to imagine Guberman paid someone to fake this, too. Five minutes of searches show, sure enough, these videos can be purchased for a pittance.

One company, Linkert Solutions, offers the exact same video with the logo of your choice. Here’s a screenshot of their sample, using the logo for Hey Hey & Co.:

You can find a link to their video here.

Guberman acting in a community theater play.

Guberman burst on the scene with the help of LaBelle, who operates the paid press release service, by announcing he was awarded a “best ISO consultant” award, with the only problem being that the award doesn’t actually exist. Oxebridge responded by purchasing a similar press release from LaBelle claiming that yours truly was awarded “best ISO consultant in the universe,” and it took 48 hours or so before LaBelle noticed it, pulled the press release, and refunded the money. Since then, LaBelle has published dozens of phony press releases promoting Guberman and his services, often without any basis in reality.

Then there are those horrid greenscreen videos. In one, an actor posing as a newsman claims to be issuing a CNN news report about Guberman, even though the entire set is computer generated — and poorly done, at that. In another, an actor pretends to be giving a “press conference” in Washington DC about Guberman, but is clearly standing in front of a fake background with a computer generated podium in the foreground.

Promo claimed by Guberman as being from CNN.

Dealing in fantasy is Guberman’s stock in trade. He issued a QMS certificate to a standard called “ARM 9009” which one of his clients admitted didn’t exist. He’s claimed expertise in a host of industries, despite his only verifiable employment being as a quality inspector at a plastics company. He’s made multiple false claims about being a Mr. America “runner up”, when records show he came in sixth place in 1995. He’s begun issuing press releases that he’s authorized to issue AS9100 certificates to Lockheed Martin suppliers, but representatives from Lockheed have denied the claim, and G-PMC is not accredited to issue anything whatsoever with the AS scheme, since it’s not listed in OASIS.

Guberman, who’s already had one run-in with the law, is on the fast track to be either sued or arrested for fraud, with his pal LaBelle likely to follow. They were forced to stop issuing their fake “restaurant food safety inspection” certificates after it was reported they did not have New York food inspector credentials they claimed; had they continued, it was likely that someone would literally get sick or die under a certificate issued by G-PMC. Health department officials in three states investigated the issue.

Recently, Guberman — who’s running for US Senate in Connecticut — texted me and repeated his false claim that Oxebridge is bankrupt. In the text, he says he wants to donate money to me, since he is allowed to donate to “non-profit organizations.” A clever joke, but let’s take him up on it:

Rather than donate to Oxebridge, I challenge G-PMC to donate $5,000 to the Jewish Anti-Defamation Leaguedonation link right here — as a means of apologizing for his antisemitic Facebook rant against Jews, which he posted to publish his bogus “Kosher 9009” food certification program. If Guberman and LaBelle have as much money as they claim, and are willing to throw it my way, I suggest they instead send it to the ADL and atone for their religious hate speech.

Let’s see if the would-be Senator can do something honest and decent for a change. Here’s hoping he doesn’t send me a photoshopped image of a check, but the bar of expectations is low.


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Christopher Paris is the founder and VP Operations of Oxebridge. He has over 30 years' experience implementing ISO 9001 and AS9100 systems, and is a vocal advocate for the development and use of standards from the point of view of actual users. He is the author of Surviving ISO 9001 and Surviving AS9100. He reviews wines for the irreverent wine blog, Winepisser.


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