What is Q001?

Oxebridge Q001 (pronounced “Q Thousand and One“) is an international quality management system standard presented in easy-to-understand, more accessible way. This reduces the need to hire consultants to understand and implement them. It adds critical QMS features currently missing in most current QMS standards, while clarifying others for easier comprehension. Finally, it improves third-party auditing of the standard by clarifying tangible evidence requirements.

This standard is available for free, and can be downloaded below.

Is Oxebridge Q001 Equivalent to ISO 9001?

Implementation of Oxebridge Q001 ensures simultaneous compliance with ISO 9001, with two minor exceptions. These gaps are easily addressed by adding a few additional sentences to a Q001 system in order to maintain simultaneous ISO 9001 compliance. You should purchase a licensed copy of ISO 9001 and compare your results, just to be sure. The supporting ISO 9001 Crosswalk Document (below) provides a crosswalk table to help identify areas to focus on for full ISO 9001 compliance.

Why Did Oxebridge Create This?

Q001 was written to clarify QMS requirements using plain English, remove redundant requirements, add key QMS concepts, make management activities more tangible, and improve third-party conformity assessment.

Will the Q001 Standard Remain Free?

Yes. It was published for free, and will remain free forever.

Can My Company Get Certified to Oxebridge Q001?

Yes. A network of certification bodies throughout the world is being developed to offer Oxebridge Q001 certification. We currently have bodies in North America, South America, Sout Africa, Europe and Australia.

Will Oxebridge Provide Certification?

No. Oxebridge does not provide any certification services. Oxebridge will, however, oversee the accreditation of certification bodies and maintain the official registry of Q001 certifications.

Where Will the Registry of Q001 Certified Companies Be?

The Oxebridge Directory will be published at a future site within the Oxebridge website family. It is currently being built using blockchain technology.

Where Can I Learn More?

A detailed FAQ page is maintained here. Oxebridge has provided a primer video here. The Q001 standards and supporting guidance documents are provided below.

How Can I Become a Q001 Certification Body?

Visit this page on Q001 accreditation, and review the most current accreditation regulations and standards. The official FAQ page here also has information targeted for potential CBs.

Is Q001 Trademarked?

Yes. As of October 2021, “Oxebridge Q001” is a registered trademark of Oxebridge Quality Resources International LLC. We are updating our graphics to include the trademark symbol. This will further prevent the spread of fake or counterfeit Q001 marks.


The most current version of Q001 is ver. 1.3. This is to be used for audits after March 20, 2023. The ver 1.2 standard is still available and may also be used, as no new requirements were added to version 1.3. However, version 1.3 presents the requirements in a more consistent and clear manner, making it easier to use.

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