For companies that maintain and repair commercial or military aircraft, or those that manufacture aircraft parts under FAA PMA regulations, AS9110 is the quality standard to implement, rather than AS9100. This includes FAA Part 145 certified repair stations.

AS9110 includes the requirements of ISO 9001 in its text, so companies that implement AS9110 are simultaneously implementing ISO 9001. Because Oxebridge has significant experience working with FAA repair stations, we can usually implement ISO 9001 with AS9110 as an add-on at no additional charge, and with no increase in implementation time. In addition, Oxebridge can review your company’s compliance to the latest FAA regulations, such as Part 145 and C.A.S.E. (Coordinating Agency for Supplier Evaluation) and make the proper changes to ensure you retain your FAA approval. Oxebridge works with a company’s existing FAA Fabrication and Inspection System (FIS) and FAA documentation to implement an AS9110 system that complements the existing FAA certification.

For those companies authorized to manufacture aircraft parts under PMA authority, Oxebridge can ensure the design and development requirements of AS9110 not only meet the needs of your internal quality system, but also the FAA’s PMA regulations.

Oxebridge’s AS9110 clients have included repair stations performing work on Boeing, Embraer, McDonnell Douglas and Airbus equipment, and within airline internal repair depots, such as Lufthansa’s operations in the Philippines.

Some companies simultaneously perform manufacturing and repair, so may have to implement both AS9100 and AS9110; in such cases, Oxebridge can typically do a simultaneous implementation with little or no additional cost.

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