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Advertising Policy

In January 2020, Oxebridge began allowing advertisements for services it supports, endorses or provides. Ads are HTML images with links to the service provider’s URL, and contain no tracking code. No ad tracking is conducted.


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Where corporate logos are used in the context of editorial illustration or parody, these are used in accordance with the established Fair Use and free speech protections. For more, click here. Oxebridge will investigate all claims of copyright or trademark infringement, but will not tolerate trademark bullying or frivolous lawsuits. We will vigorously defend ourselves against such suits; filing a frivolous Cease and Desist or lawsuit grants us the right to countersue for all legal expenses incurred, actual damages and punitive damages for those organizations found to be engaged in trademark bullying.

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Corrections, Retractions and Addenda

Oxebridge does not willingly publish information that is untrue or otherwise incorrect. If you believe any reporting under the News category contains incorrect or false information, you are advised to notify us immediately by writing to so that Oxebridge is given appropriate opportunity to publish a correction, retraction or to add information to the original report. Such requests will be verified to ascertain the veracity of the new information before any such corrections are made.

In all cases, Oxebridge will attempt to work with those parties who feel injured by its reporting, if the reporting is determined to be untrue, incorrect or incomplete; however, Oxebridge will vigorously defend its right to truthful reporting, and will not alter reporting if a complainant does not provide adequate evidence of the needed corrections.

Posts that include editorial or personal opinion are clearly marked as such, and normally placed under the Opinion category and/or flagged as “OP-ED.” Opinions of the authors may not represent the opinion of Oxebridge Quality Resources International.

Source Protection

Oxebridge relies on placed sources within industry for its reporting, and honors requests for anonymity. Oxebridge will protect its anonymous sources under the State of Florida “Shield Law” Statute § 90.5015 as well as subsequent common-law protections related to online journalism. Oxebridge will vigorously contest and appeal any demand to reveal its sources.

Oxebridge has obtained an official Court ruling confirming its status as a protected new source.


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