Oxebridge is one of the only consultancies in the world that can offer implementation services for ISO 17011, the international standard for accreditation bodies. For a detailed article on ISO 17011 and its requirements, click here.

ISO 17011 “Requirements for accreditation bodies accrediting conformity assessment bodies” presents detailed requirements for the upper-tier authority ABs who then intend on accrediting other organizations which issue certifications for management systems, products, and more.  International recognition of accreditation requires compliance with ISO 17011.

Oxebridge’s ISO 17011 Implementation Program implements the requirements, including:

  • Developing the necessary accreditation manual, policies and procedures, tailored to your organization and scope of intended services
  • Performing risk analysis related to conflicts of interest and confidentiality
  • Training of staff on the ISO 17011 requirements
  • Assistance in application and preparation for international recognition through the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and other international bodies
  • Internal audits to ISO 17011
  • Management review activities
  • … and more

Oxebridge applies the same high-quality approach to ISO 17011 implementation as it does for all its other services, seeking to reduce overhead demands during implementation, limiting documentation, and maximizing value of the resulting system.

To obtain a price quote on ISO 17011 implementation for your organization, click here.