Since 1999, Oxebridge has been a leader in quality system implementation, training and consulting. Using proven methods derived from user-based experience, Oxebridge can provide tailored, bespoke management system implementations that keep your operations running, and result in a truly valuable improvement to your company. Best of all, we do not perform work by relying on endless meetings or offloading work back onto your staff.

Below are the current services offered by Oxebridge, with links to pages with more information for each.

ISO 9001: Oxebridge offers Rapid 40-Day ISO 9001 Implementation for most companies, helping to put in place an efficient and effective quality management system. Read more here.

AS9100 / AS9110 / AS9120: Oxebridge can implement the aerospace quality systems for manufacturers per AS9100, often using the same Rapid 40-day approach. We also offer implementation of AS9110 for aircraft repair stations, and AS9120 for aerospace stockist distributors.

AS9100 Suspension Relief: If your company was suspended due to nonconformities to AS9100, Oxebridge can help create a tailored “restoration plan,:” helping to resolve the open nonconformities and restore your certification with your registrar. Read more here.

Nadcap: For implementation of the Nadcap aerospace special process accreditations, read our page here. We limit our services only to the Nadcap accreditation for which we have suitable experience, so check your requirements carefully.

ISO 14001: Oxebridge can implement the environmental management system standard, helping you identify your risks and providing detailed guidance on how to identify specific legal requirements in your region. Read more here.

ISO 45001: For its implementation program for occupational health and safety, Oxebridge provides in-depth risk analysis and mitigation, on top of typical documentation and system preparation. Read more here.

ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 / ISO 45001 Tri-System: Many companies opt to implement the three major ISO standards at once, for a truly integrated management system Oxebridge can help, while reducing overall documentation and improving efficiency. Read more here.

ISO 17011: Intended for accreditation bodies which then accredit subordinate certification bodies, ISO 17011 provides requirements to ensure compliance with international and regional rules, including those of the International Accreditation Forum. Oxebridge is one of the only consulting firms in the world that offers ISO 17011 implementation. Read more here.

ISO 17021-1: If you want to operate as a management system certification body and issue accredited certificates to clients for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, or other such management system standards, Oxebridge is one of the only consultancies in the world that can prepare your CB for accreditation. Read more here.

ISO 17024: If you are a training provider issuing certificates for trainees or students, Oxebridge can help get your certificates accredited under this ISO standard. Read more here.

ISO 17025: For calibration and test labs, Oxebridge can help prepare you for ISO 17025 accreditation. Read more here.

ISO 17034: For manufacturers of standards or reference materials used by customers for testing or calibration, Oxebridge can help implement this standard, to ensure your reference materials are certified and traceable. Read more here.

ISO 17065: If you provide product certifications, you may find it necessary to ensure your certificates are validated through ISO 17065 accreditation. If so, Oxebridge can help implement this standard. Read more here.

ISO 20000: Oxebridge can assist in implementing this standard, designed for IT service providers and based on the ITIL framework. Read more here.

ISO 27001: Oxebridge offers full implementation of the standard for Information Security Management Systems. Read more here.

CMMI: Oxebridge is a CMMI Institute recognized appraisal team support member, and can help consult, train and implement capability maturity model implementations under CMMI-DEV, CMMI-SVC or CMMI-ACQ 1.3 and 2.0. Read more here.

Contract Internal Auditing: Oxebridge can provide contract internal auditing for any of the standards listed here. Read more here.

Deep Dive Internal Auditing: Beyond simple internal auditing, Oxebridge’s “Deep Dive” audits are comprehensive, in-depth audits that will take a close and unyielding look at your quality system and its levels of compliance. Read more here.