flashlight2Oxebridge offers more than just consulting services, providing a full range of advocacy services for the end users of ISO 9001 and other management system standard certifications. No other consultancy on the planet offers this level of service, and probably not on any other planet, either.

Audit Finding Defense

It’s an unfortunate truth that sometimes third party auditors get it wrong, and write improper nonconformities. Often companies yield to the findings in order to placate the auditor and maintain certification, but int he long run these problems mount, and soon your QMS no longer reflects the unique implementation of your company, but merely the advice of your auditor.

Defending against such findings these can seem daunting, when in fact the process is simple. But when you feel you need outside, confidential and (if need by) anonymous support, Oxebridge can help. We provide a means to analyze the validity of your auditor’s findings, and then help you craft a response.

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On-Site Audit Oversight

Some companies have a protracted bad experience with their registrar, but haven’t yet decided to pull the trigger and fire them. In such cases, it may be beneficial to have an on-site expert help protect the company from improper findings and bad auditing practices during the audit itself.

Oxebridge can attend your audit, operating as a silent observer, ready to provide advice on protecting your company against poor auditing, improper findings or other registrar misbehavior.

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Formal Complaint Drafting and Escalation Services

When you feel you need to file a formal complaint against your registrar, or if you already have and nothing is being done, Oxebridge can assist in drafting a formal complaint that gets results. We can also help escalate the complaint formally to the registrar’s Accreditation Body and even the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) if necessary. For aerospace, we can assist in drafting complaints to the IAQG, and the appropriate IATF oversight body for automotive clients.

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Professional Court Testimony

Issue going to the courts? We can help testify on your behalf, presenting official and fact-based testimony on matters pertaining to ISO 9001, AS9100 and other standards. Court Testimony services available only for cases before courts in the United States.

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The Oxebridge website has grown relative to its global reputation, largely due to our ability to conduct investigations into issues and subjects few others will touch. We have unprecedented access to ISO senior leaders, committees and industry representatives, and a passion for digging out the truth. If your situation requires an investigation into registrar misconduct, or problems related to ISO certifications, consider launching an Oxebridge investigation.

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Is your problem or issue failing to get traction? Can’t get the attention of the quality press or industry trade journals?  If your story is related to ISO standards or certifications, Oxebridge can review your situation and provide independent reporting on our site, as well as on social media.

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