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I posted recently that Daryl Guberman, the co-owner of the ISO certificate mill G-PMC LLC, along with its various nonexistent “Accreditation Bodies”, published a rambling screed against… well, pretty much everyone. I thought I’d post it in its entirety since it’s likely Guberman will be removing it, much like he did his falsified “client testimonials” a while back.

Guberman, if you recall, issues “self-accredited” certificates for things like medical device manufacturing, aircraft design, medical marijuana testing laboratories, veteran-owned businesses, minority woman-owned businesses, firearm manufacturing, restaurant food safety inspections, and Kosher food certifications. His business model relies on convincing everyone that the internationally-recognized accredited bodies such as ANAB, the IAF and OU (for Kosher foods) are corrupt, and therefore you should just buy the certifications from him, and (one assumes) get your corruption wholesale. He once defended the idea of allowing doctors to practice medicine without a license, while injecting a racist slam, on the basis that “we don’t really know where those Indian doctors get their degrees from.” Then he and his arterially-challenged partner Don LaBelle take to Ripoff Report to post false accusations against their critics, and make harassing phone calls to companies they don’t like, pretending to be people they aren’t.

This particular manifesto was posted on Facebook on March 17th, 2015, in response to a speech given by Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who by all accounts does not really care what Daryl Guberman thinks about anything. But it’s a glorious revelation of the way Guberman’s mind works, as it jumps from one conspiracy to the next, knitting random UFO-inspired theories into a final blend of observations such as Jews are terrorists who murdered Jesus, Kosher is a tax scam, and the IAF and OU are corrupt criminals. He pardons himself from this antisemitism by reminding people he’s Jewish, and then posts a photo of his poodle with a pink yarmulke on LinkedIn to make sure you know he’s legit. Because we all know there’s never been a Jew who’s turned on his people.

Now before you read this, understand that yes, it will make Guberman appear insane. If you happen to write him about it, then you’ll get a nearly endless stream of emails that appear to hammer this point home with greater clarity. In fact, Guberman — and LaBelle, too — think this is all hilarious. They try to present themselves a “laughing all the way to the bank” but so far our investigations find that neither Guberman nor LaBelle have much money, so they may be laughing, but it’s not while waiting in the lobby at Goldman Sachs. Instead, they appear to be emotionally stunted man-children, dabbling in professions where their amateurish prancing is eventually going to get them in jail, and/or get someone killed.

It would be irresponsible to dismiss Guberman as a mere nutjob. Remember this: Guberman and LaBelle are literally playing with the lives of human beings. Even if you ignore their attempts to rip off veterans, minorities and women, remember that they are issuing wholly invented “certificates” for important, safety-related things such as food safety, restaurant safety, medical testing and firearm manufacturing. Their list of alleged “Food Safety Inspectors” includes nearly no one with any actual food safety experience, and most don’t even have inspection experience; they include a few disgruntled ex-employees from Guberman’s previous plastics employer, a Texas QC manager from a label making company, a Filipino telemarketer, and an accountant. In the case of their restaurant certification program, the restaurants then display these certifications to their patrons, who are led to believe the restaurant is clean, and complies with international standards; when they find out it’s wholly untrue, and people get sick or die from food poisoning, it’s too late.

The antisemitic rant posted on Facebook stands, ostensibly, as a means of Guberman to promote his own KOSH 9009 certification over that of the Orthodox Union (OU) who currently certifies Kosher food. On his alleged “governing board” are Miriam Jochelman Peled, Rabbi Yosef Torenheim, Moshe Hineman and mobil home park manager William Tanenbaum, none of whom presumably know they are in consort with a man who calls their religion “terrorism”, considers Jews as Christ-killers, and shares the same hate-speech philosophy as antisemitic white supremacists. Their roles are then promoted by a mass PR campaign spit out by LaBelle’s day job, as a paid press release publishing outlet. Jochelman Peled, for example, has been widely promoted by LaBelle’s PR machine as the “first woman to lead a Kosher agency,” but LaBelle’s press releases fail to mention it’s the first Kosher agency run by someone who hates Jews and thinks democratic elections in Israel are too much to bear.

Here’s the Guberman Manifesto, in its entirety:

Bibi’s SPEECH TO CONGRESS– it lacked directness and truth telling. It was typical mumbo jumbo politics, avoiding the real issue to please the masses and massage the lavish ego of both parties. Bibi told us what we already knew – Iran is a promoter of terrorism, and Obama is attempting to make a dangerous, cut-throat deal with them that could potentially destroy the state of Israel as we know it today. I learned nothing from the speech that wasn’t already covered by virtually every news channel.

In my opinion, Bibi missed an opportunity to reveal the real problem, and instead he cherry picked his words and played the American people and media like a flute.
He failed to tell the American people what every US President or world leader has failed to reveal throughout history, and that is — The foundation of terrorism is RELIGION!!

Yes, I said it.

And I’d give years of my life only to hear a U.S. President level with the American people and say those very words straight-up with no cherry picking. For thousands of years people in the holy land have been slaughtering each other in the name of RELIGION with an unending history of violence with indescribable hatred, torcher, rape, and with evil agendas of mass genocide. From Israelite s’ capture of Jericho and crucification of Jesus Christ, to the Crusades, Nazis and today’s Persia-Arab-Israeli conflicts.

The Philistines, Assyrians, Greeks, Romans, Persians, Arabs, Crusaders, Nazis, and Mukluks — all are guilty of mass murder in the name of RELIGION!
Thomas Paine said it best: “I do not believe in the creed professed by the Jewish church, by the Roman church, by the Greek Church, by the Turk church, or by the Protestant church, nor by any church that I know of. My own mind is my own church, and my religion is to do good.” Paine was not an atheists – he believed in God (G-d) and just refused to believe in organized religion and its propaganda.
Back to Bibi, a man that missed perhaps the greatest opportunity in history to tell the ugly truth about religion – even his own religion. Billions of dollars are filtered secretly to Israel from the KOSHER SCAM (WE have the information please email me daryltqrs@yahoo.com ) . All (yes, all) major food companies throughout America actually pay a Jewish Tax (Kosher) amounting to hundreds of million of dollars per year in order to receive “protection. (WE personally met with the major KOSHER organization and other organizations)” This hidden tax gets passed, of course, to all non-Jewish consumers of the products. The scam is to coerce the companies to pay up or suffer the consequences of a Jewish boycott via the media. Perpetrators of these elaborate extortion schemes are actually Rabbinical Councils that are set up, not just in the U.S. but in other western countries as well. For example, the largest payola operation in the U.S. is our “friends” at 333 Seventh Avenue in New York City.

Yes, the OU sends thousands of billions of dollars to Israel every year “filtered” from Kosher profits (non taxable, so easily hidden). Americans and people all over the world have no clue they are unknowingly sending billions of dollars to Israel via the Kosher tax.

Of course, I’d be called anti-Semitic but I am Jewish and like David against Goliath – I am small up against a giant organization known as the Orthodox Union) for exposing this ugly truth. But “Organized Kosher” is what it is – a scam.

So Bibi spoke to congress knowing he does not need support their financial support. Therefore, he came here risking nothing – the ultimate manipulation – a politician masquerading as a savior. Sure he would make a better U.S. President than Obama, no question about it.

But let’s face it, that’s not saying much. As for some of his clever lines that prove to be popular in his speech – I beg to differ. For example, would somebody explain to me the line, “The enemy of your enemy – is your enemy.” That is utter nonsense.

During the Revolutionary War, France was the biggest enemy of Britain. Should the Americans have considered France an enemy as well? If so, our flag might look a little different today. Such a line does nothing more than fuel more hatred and entice more enemies. He’s using the ultimate tool of manipulation (FEAR) to gain support from the weak minded — unfortunately which is the majority of our country. In fact ask any business accredited by the American National Accreditation board (ANSI -ANAB(r) IAF, SAE.ASQ. IAQG, IATF) or corporation -aerospace, medical , automotive and machine shops – Kosher etc Most will say were happy with who we have as our registrar (https://web.archive.org/www.anab.org/accreditation.aspx ) Most business owners have been scammed and ripped off READ “is your certification accredited- WOULD YOU SPEND a lot of money for a piece of paper that is not guaranteed???!! )

A much better line would of been one taken from the late John Lennon, “Imagine a world without religion.” Now that would have been saying something. He would of been a hero to many, and a villain to others. Nonetheless, his speech would of gone down in history, and perhaps pioneered a new “religion” – To Do Good.

Just one more thing. Bibi is running for re-election today in Israel. He’s going for his 4th term. I’m not a fan of one person being in power that long — otherwise it’s like a dictatorship. Of course, he’s probably the best man for the job right now as Israel PM. But fundamentally speaking, it’s against all principles of democracy.

“Any fool can make a rule, and every fool will mind it.”
-Henry David Thoreau-

UPDATE 19 JULY 2016:

Daryl Guberman and his partner Don LaBelle have attempted to up the ante by having my host company shut this site down, on the basis that reporting on Guberman’s antisemitic rant is, in itself, antisemitic and thus a violation of my host company’s Terms of Service. See here. To date, he and LaBelle have filed nearly 20 frivolous Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedown notices, not one of which was upheld. The filing of frivolous DMCA notices is a punishable offense under 17 U.S. Code § 512 (f), adding more legal woes to the beleaguered Guberman and LaBelle.

There will be more on this soon, but it’s an interesting angle that only makes sense inside the narcissistic heads of Guberman and LaBelle: publish a racist, antisemitic rant and then go after the people who report on it as being racist and antisemitic, as being racist and antisemitic.

Got it?

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