Oxebridge’s Aerospace Quality Management System Services

Since it’s inception, Oxebridge Quality Resources has focused on the growing private aerospace industry, as well as the incredible American space and air travel industries. We were one of the first implementation and consulting companies to work with AS 9001. Since then, that standard has become AS9100, and has spawned a number of focused, sector-specific variants to better help companies apply the right standard for their particular type of operation. Oxebridge continues to provide implementation services for these “AS 9000 Family Standards” as well as NADCAP aerospace special process accreditation.

All of Oxebridge’s aerospace implementation programs follow a four-phase structure:

  • Phase 1 – Information Capture. Oxebridge comes on-site to your facility and conducts interviews with your key management and staff to ascertain the current practices of your company, to see where you already comply with the standard. The notes taken from Phase 1 become the basis for the next phase.
  • Phase 2 – Documentation Preparation. Oxebridge Specialists prepare an AS-compliant manual and supporting procedures, forms and other necessary documents based on the results of the Phase 1 interviews. Your resulting documentation is fully customized, based on the company’s current practices, and only introduces new or modified practices where the company either does not meet a requirement at all, or where current practice deviates from a requirement. Boilerplate documents are not used, and your staff are not assigned any writing duties!
  • Phase 3 – Implementation and Training. Oxebridge Specialists return on-site and assist in implementing the resulting systems, train employees and internal auditors, and conduct the first round of required internal audits. We facilitate a QMS management review, including a review of the process objectives and metrics. At the end of Phase 3, your company is ready for third party certification auditing.
  • Phase 4 – OPTIONAL – Audit Interfacing. For those clients wishing to be certified by a third party Certification Body (“registrar”), Oxebridge will attend the audit and provide on-site assistance and facilitation of the audit, ensuring a smooth and effective audit by the registrar, and ensuring your registrar’s auditor does not deviate from international accreditation rules, or “make up” requirements that do not exist.

(NOTE: Oxebridge works with your company’s selected registrar, and has no formal relationship with any such certification body, to maintain a process that is free of any conflicts of interest.)

This table can help you decide which aerospace standard may apply to your company:

My company designs &/or manufactures parts for aircraft or spacecraft. AS9100 or AS9006
My company develops software for aircraft or spacecraft applications. AS9006
My company performs maintenance, repair or overhaul of aircraft or aircraft equipment. AS9110
My company stocks and distributes parts or components for aerospace applications. AS9120
My company just provides inspection or test services for aircraft or related components. AS9003
My company performs special processes for aerospace parts, such as welding, heat treat, anodize, painting, or platings. AS9100 + NADCAP

Here is a quick overview of the various aerospace implementation programs Oxebridge offers.

AS9100 – General Aerospace Manufacturing

(Rapid 40-day program eligible!)

The most well-known of aerospace standards, AS9100 defines internationally accepted practices for implementing, maintaining and improving a quality management system for designers and manufacturers of aerospace hardware, including aircraft, spacecraft and related parts and components.

Companies adopting AS9100 include suppliers to commercial aircraft manufacturers like Airbus, Boeing and McDonnell Douglas, as well as American aerospace organizations like NASA, the US Dept. of Defense and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

AS9100 is an exclusive standard, and only a small subset of American companies have pursued this standard. As a result, AS9100 compliance or certification carries more weight than a simple ISO 9001 certification. Inclusion in the AS9100 OASIS database also exposes such companies to direct purchasing consideration by the “aerospace primes” such as Honeywell, Raytheon, Lockheed, etc.

Because of its level of experience in implementing AS9100, Oxebridge can typically “add on” AS9100 implementation to a Rapid ISO 9001 Implementation Contract at no additional charge. For companies which are already ISO 9001 compliant, Oxebridge can typically perform an AS9100 upgrade in 5 – 10 days.

Click here for more information on Oxebridge’s Rapid AS9100 Implementation Program.

AS9110 – Aircraft Repair Stations

(Rapid 40-day program eligible!)

For FAA Part 145 Certified Repair Stations — or even aircraft repair stations that are not FAA certified — AS9110 is the standard to select. This standard includes specific requirements and language dealing with aircraft or spacecraft repair, maintenance and overhaul.

Like AS9100, AS9110 includes the basic requirements of ISO 9001, so companies that adopt AS9110 are simultaneously adopting ISO 9001 as well. For companies that choose to become third-party certified, this means they receive a “dual certification” to ISO 9001 and AS9110.

Oxebridge works with a company’s existing FAA Fabrication and Inspection System (FIS) and FAA documentation to implement an AS9110 system that complements the existing FAA certification. Oxebridge can also work to ensure companies with Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) authority can achieve AS9110 without affecting their existing approvals.

Some companies simultaneously perform manufacturing and repair, so may have to implement both AS9100 and AS9110; in such cases, Oxebridge can typically do a simultaneous implementation with little or no additional cost.

Click here for more information on Oxebridge’s Rapid AS9110 Implementation Program.

AS9120 – Aerospace Stockist Distributors

(Rapid 40-day program eligible!)

For distributors of aerospace parts, components or materials, AS9120 is the standard to choose. This applies to companies which may distribute electronic components, sheet metal, cabin or cockpit components, or other aircraft parts, but which do no manufacturing or design.

The standard focuses on the control of raw materials, inventory methods, preservation of stock and other related concepts for distributors.

Like AS9100, AS9120 includes the basic requirements of ISO 9001, so companies that adopt AS9120 are simultaneously adopting ISO 9001 as well. For companies that choose to become third-party certified, this means they receive a “dual certification” to ISO 9001 and AS9120.

Click here for more information on Oxebridge’s Rapid AS9120 Implementation Program.

AS9003 – Aerospace Inspection and Test Systems

(Rapid 40-day program eligible!)

For companies that perform only inspection or test services on aerospace parts, assemblies, components or craft, AS9003 is the standard to choose.

In addition, some manufacturing companies may opt to implement AS9003 for just their inspection and test processes, rather than apply AS9100 (above) to their entire company. While implementing AS9003 is less complex than implementing the full AS9100 standard, there is the risk that customers may view the AS9003 compliance (or certification) as a lesser achievement; therefore, manufacturers must review the expectations of their customers and industry to see if AS9003, or full AS9100, is right for them.

Users of the old MIL-I-45208 will see some similarities, but updated greatly to reflect current best practices, and the specific needs of the aerospace industry.

Until recently, AS9003 was just a guidance document. Now, however, a company can become third-party certified to AS9003. Oxebridge’s AS9003 implementation program helps implement the standard in a way that will ensure speedy passage of a AS9003 audit, if so desired.

Click here for more information on Oxebridge’s Rapid AS9003 Implementation Program.

AS9006 – Aerospace Software Design and Development

(Rapid 40-day program eligible!)

AS9006 is a guidance document for those companies that perform software design and development, or software integration, in aerospace applications. This includes developers of navigation software, avionics, guidance systems, simulation software and any kind of control surface software.

Specifically, AS9006 helps users interpret the requirements of AS9100 (above) — which is largely hardware-biased — for their software development processes.

Click here for more information on Oxebridge’s AS9006 Implementation Program.

NADCAP Aerospace Special Process Accreditation

NADCAP is an accreditation program for aerospace “special processes”, which generally include:

  • Welding
  • Heat treating
  • Metal plating
  • Painting, powder coating, dry coating
  • Anodize, hard coating, chem film coating, passivation
  • NDT (nondestructive testing), such as mag particle or dye penetrant
  • Certain machining methods such as EDM wire cutting

While NADCAP is focused on accrediting each special process a company performs, it also requires AS9100 for the balance of the company’s quality management system; therefore, Oxebridge provides NADCAP preparation services in conjunction with AS9100 implementation.

NADCAP process accreditation is a mandatory requirement for suppliers to Airbus, Honeywell, Rolls Royce, Boeing and others. Designed by an Oxebridge in-house chemical process engineer, our NADCAP accreditation preparation programs ensure your ability to successfully pass the rigorous NADCAP audits required for accreditation.

Because of built-in NADCAP requirements, “rapid” implementation is not possible.

Click here for more information on Oxebridge’s NADCAP Implementation Programs.