After publicity for his upcoming ASQ speech prompted many to question the claims made on the G-PMC LLC website, unaccredited registrar operator Daryl Guberman has removed more than half of the endorsements previously posted there.

The G-PMC page titled “Endorsements” included this description, next to a graphic that read “Our Clients are our best advertisement.”

We are grateful for all of our customers and work hard to build long-lasting relationships with all of them. Here are a few words of appreciation from some of our clients who range from owners and managers of manufacturing companies to quality directors of $30+ million organizations as well as retired military officers and CEO’s of major corporations. This is a collection of letters sent to us and republished here with permission.

Oxebridge had learned that many of the endorsements were not from clients at all, but from previous Guberman employers, or customers of those employers. Furthermore, a number of them were published without permission. Materials published using the logos and contact names from PRI Registrar, Perry Johnson Registrars, Modern Plastics and the American Society for Quality (ASQ) were all posted without permission. A total of 20 endorsements of the previous 34 were removed overnight on April 9, after multiple companies alerted Mr. Guberman of their improper use.

A list of the previous endorsements, from April 8, can be found here (PDF). A copy of the remaining endorsements as of April 10 can be found here (PDF).

The page also features a headline that reads “Testimonials on Letterhead” but the documents appear to not have been submitted on official company letterhead at all, but rather taken from emails or other sources, and then published with company logos attached afterward. Most of the letters include identical computer fonts, especially a Brush Script font used for the “signatures” of the alleged endorsers.

Examples of three signature lines from Guberman PMC “endorsement” letters, showing identical fonts used to mimic signatures.

Two of the endorsements even include misspellings of the company name. The Guberman website lists “Ingtegra-Cast Inc.” on the listing, and the spelling is consistent with the “letterhead” endorsement in the linked file, providing possible evidence that the endorsement letter and the listing web page were written by the same person. The proper spelling is Integra-Cast.

In an April 9th letter to ASQ representative Mary Winch, Mr. Guberman explained his actions as a “misunderstanding” and said, “In our electronic world- what is acceptable yesterday is prohibited today.”

Mr. Guberman has made a number of claims that Oxebridge and others are working to corroborate. In January, G-PMC ran a press release that announcing, “Daryl Guberman Takes Award For ISO Consultant Firm Of The Year” but the “Award” was issued by the American Machine Shops Network, an organization owned by Don LaBelle, who also owns the accreditation body Industrial Leaders Group, which claims to have accredited G-PMC. AMSN claims ISO 9001 certification by G-PMC; ILG is not an official signatory to the IAF multilateral agreement which defines accreditation bodies.

Other claims include that G-PMC is the “fastest growing certification body,” that G-PMC is “fully accredited,” and that Mr. Guberman himself is a “quality management expert.” A resume found online for Mr. Guberman does not indicate any particular expertise in quality management, but rather a series of hourly and middle management positions.


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