In my series of articles The Indefensibles I point out the simultaneously hilarious and ethically void behavior of the world’s unaccredited ISO 9001 and AS9100 registrars, or “certificate mills.” I am working on two more such pieces, but this bit couldn’t wait.

Daryl Guberman operates a certificate mill called G-PMC from Stratford CT. In a breathless, apparently self-written press release from last August, he announced that “In the World of ISO, He’s It: Daryl Guberman Reveals Why Quality Is out of Control” and “Daryl Guberman is bringing new life to manufacturers nationwide by exposing the disarray and anti-competitive monopoly that is strangling quality.”

Well, if someone is going to claim to be the savior of ISO 9001, I want in. So I reached out.  Specifically, I wanted some clarity on the following contradictory statements:

In recent months, manufacturers have been flocking in droves to Guberman-PMC, LLC  to acquire their fully-accredited ISO certificate issued by G-PMC, a stand alone registrar.

In the same piece Mr. Guberman goes on at length to complain against the accreditation he just took credit for.

 Guberman said he believes the ISO certification process was never intended to have all or most registration companies overseen by a single accreditation body, which he warns results in a monopoly. According to Guberman, there are no standards that he knows of by which a single certification body can define who can accredit whom, nor should such protectionism be legislated, whether it be directly or indirectly as a repugnant means to safeguard the profits and interests of a conglomerate.

Reading that, I wrote Mr. Guberman a short email asking him about how he can claim “fully accredited” and then go on to dismiss accreditation. I also asked why he was claiming accreditation from organizations that don’t actually offer it, like the “Industrial Leaders Group” or the “American Raw Materials.” (More on those dubious organizations in my upcoming piece.)

I am not kidding with what I am about to say. The email was sent 12:39 PM, and I received a phone call from Mr. Guberman at 12:41 — literally two minutes later. I didn’t have the chance to record it, or even tell him why I was asking for the information, before I was met with a 500 MPH flood of conspiracy theory data. All I have is my hastily written notes.

Here’s the big takeaway. During the conversation, Mr. Guberman said he was frustrated when he tried to get the unaccredited G-PMC accepted into OASIS, the AS9100 database, which would then allow his company to be recognized by aerospace primes. The folks at OASIS told him he can’t, because it is not accredited by ANAB. He told the representative that forcing ANAB accreditation onto AS registrars was tantamount to “the days when country clubs wouldn’t allow Blacks or Jews.”

Yeah, it took all of three minutes for Mr. Guberman to go there. Seriously, what is with the unaccredited registrars and insensitive religious metaphor?

It just went downhill from there, if you can imagine it:

  • He defended unaccredited “diploma mill” universities, on the basis that the university accreditation system is corrupt. In a quasi-racist twist, he said anyone should be able to issue medical degrees since we “don’t really know where those Indian doctors got their degrees from.” When pressed to answer if he would personally undergo surgery with a non-degreed physician, he refused to answer.
  • Since he brought up Judaism, I asked him if he knew that rabbis have to be certified. Heading off into what some might label an antisemitic argument of his own, he argued that Kosher food certification was fake because rabbis don’t really do anything when they certify food.
  • He said his company complied with “over 300” of the IAF “standards and practices,” but when I asked him to name one, he couldn’t. When I mentioned ISO 17021, he hadn’t heard of it, and said this was because he “has too much going on” and that “knowing all those standards is impossible.” 
  • He reiterated that ANAB was a world monopoly, which is apparent in his press release as well. He believes this, but only because he had never heard of UKAS or INMETRO any of ANAB’s many competitors, and had no idea that there was more than one accreditation body in the world.

When I asked him to answer my original question (“how can you simultaneously claim full accreditation, then argue against it?”) he answered with a metaphysical question: “well, what is accreditation anyway?” When I pointed out that he hadn’t actually answered the question, and only posed another one, he said, “Well, I’m Jewish, that’s what we do.”

Not wanting to get branded an anti-Semite like those Holocaust war criminals over at IAQG, I let it drop.

When it comes to inglorious bastards, Daryl Guberman is it.


About Christopher Paris

Christopher Paris is the founder and VP Operations of Oxebridge. He has over 30 years' experience implementing ISO 9001 and AS9100 systems, and is a vocal advocate for the development and use of standards from the point of view of actual users. He is the author of Surviving ISO 9001 and Surviving AS9100. He reviews wines for the irreverent wine blog, Winepisser.


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