Oxebridge is proud to work with the following companies in order to offer the best level of services to clients.


S&J Auditing & Consulting (Perth Australia)

S&J Auditing & Consulting provides ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 consulting services, allowing Oxebridge to expand its portfolio of offerings. At the same time, Oxebridge helps S&J expand its portfolio, by providing AS9100 (aerospace) consulting, along with the full line of ISO 17000 series standards.

S&J acts as the official Australia branch for Oxebridge, as well.



Texas Quality Assurance (Texas USA)

Oxebridge has partnered with Texas Quality Assurance to offer Oxebridge clients the TQA Cloud QMS solution. To read more about that service, click here.

Texas QA is also the producer of the popular Quality Matters podcast. Oxebridge’s partnership allows both companies to benefit: Texas QA provides API Q1 oil and gas QMS services, and Oxebridge offers AS9100 and ISO 17000 series services. The two companies also collaborate when putting together contract auditing teams.



RegDOX Solutions (Nashua NH)

Oxebridge utilizes the RegDOX document sharing platform in order to maintain compliance with regulations governing use of controlled unclassified information (CUI). During contract audits, it is often necessary to share ITAR, EAR or other types of CUI. The RegDOX platform allows such documents to be shared in a FedRAMP approved, secure environment.

To learn more about how Oxebridge utilizes RegDOX, click here.



K. Merlo Consulting

Developing uncertainty budgets and procedures requires an expert specifically qualified in statistical measurement of measurement. Oxebridge has partnered with Kimberly K. Merlo Consulting to provide the uncertainty backbone for Oxebridge’s ISO 17025 implementations for calibration and test laboratories.