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The self-accredited certificate mill G-PMC LLC, operated by Daryl Guberman and Donald LaBelle, is now claiming it is, itself, ISO 9001:2015 certified. The certificate was provided to G-PMC by a group called Generic Management Services, which claims an office in Delhi India, but boasts Romanian accreditation with the Accreditation Body RENAR.

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Representatives with the IAF, who Guberman has railed against as corrupt, have confirmed the certificate is not authentic, and is reviewing what legal action they can take. RENAR has not yet responded to a request for clarification, but it does not list “Generic Management Services” (GMS) as one of its accredited certification bodies.

Guberman than used this certificate as justification to include the RENAR and IAF logos on his own certificate mill documents, including a fake ISO 9001 certificate he issued to Bohemia NY company AmpliTech. Both RENAR and IAF reported that their logos were used illegally by Guberman, without permission.

GMS is owned by one Brijesh Kumar of Delhi, The design of the GMS certificate also appears to be based on the design of certificates issued by the accredited CB, Bureau Veritas:

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Don LaBelle

Worse still, the scope of G-PMC’s ISO 9001 certificate isn’t even related to Guberman’s consulting and certification businesses, but instead claims the company performs “manufacturing services for aerospace, medical, automotive” industries. The address listed on the cert is a PO Box, not a physical address, and “G-PMC GROUP LLC” is not a registered business in the state of Massachusetts.

G-PMC currently claims “independent” accreditation by a host of different groups, all of which are run by Guberman and LaBelle, including Industrial Leaders Group, the National Food SAfety Council and the American Board of Accredited Certifications. None of these organizations appear to legally exist either, as they are not registered in any state in which they operate, and appear merely to have websites created by LaBelle’s actual company, Industrial PR.net.

G-PMC is now offering self-accredited certifications for a host of industries, including aerospace, medical devices, medical marijuana testing laboratories, Kosher foods, veteran-owned businesses, minority woman-owned business, firearm manufacturing and restaurant food safety. The group’s list of “Food Safety Inspectors” include many of the same people who have lent their names on “Advisory Boards” for the different companies, and have no actual food safety experience; one is a former radio operator, while another is an accountant.

Guberman and LaBelle are coming increasingly close to violating federal law, and may have already done so by issuing food safety and medical marijuana certificates; since the companies are not actually required to abide by any standards in order to obtain G-PMC certifications, the result be a direct risk to the health and safety of the public.

G-PMC once issued a firearm manufacturing company a certificate to its ARM9009 standard, which the company later revealed did not even exist at the time it was awarded the certificate. G-PMC was one of the self-accredited mill which agreed to provide off-site ISO 9001 certification to a fake company that manufactured life vests filled with lead shot, designed to kill the wearer.

Guberman and LaBelle have posted pseudonymous posts on Ripoff Report about Oxebridge, which have since been traced back to them after LaBelle called an Oxebridge client, posing as a supplier, but failed to block his phone number, which then appeared on caller ID. In the Ripoff Report posts, Guberman claims Oxebridge founder Christopher Paris is “antisemitic,” and has made similar claims against ANAB. Despite this, Guberman recently posted a rambling political rant against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, accusing the Jews of murdering Jesus and engaging in terrorism. Guberman is Jewish, but has denounced his religion as “guilty of mass murder” and “perpetrators of these elaborate extortion schemes,” two common arguments typically used by antisemitic white supremacists.

The fact that Guberman has purchased a certificate from an Indian company is also ironic, as Guberman has made racist comments against Indians in the past.

The use of IAF and RENAR logos on a counterfeit certificate is illegal in the United States.

UPDATE 14 April 2016: Guberman and LaBelle have been leaving harassing voice mails to Oxebridge. In one (listen here) his “accreditation body” ABAC denies Oxebridge accreditation claiming they can’t accredit us because Oxebridge has no quality system and no customers — obviously, we never applied for accreditation with them. A few seconds later, they called again and left a message calling me a “motherfucker” while using a Donald Duck voice. I’m not kidding, and you can listen to that here. All the calls come from Guberman’s phone number at (203) 556-1493.

UPDATE 15 April 2016: Romanian accreditation body RENAR has confirmed the Generic Management Systems certificate is problematic, and is pursuing a complaint investigation against them. See here for their letter on the matter.

If you have been victimized by G-PMC or any of its organizations, contact Oxebridge for possible assistance.




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