New Haven CT — The New Haven chapter of the American Society for Quality (ASQ) is hosting an April 17th dinner featuring certificate mill operator Daryl Guberman as the guest speaker.

Mr. Guberman operates G-PMC, an unaccredited ISO 9001 registrar, or “certificate mill”, from Connecticut. He has said he believes that accreditation by ANAB is a “monopoly” and that the refusal for groups like the IAQG to allow unaccredited registrars to provide ISO or AS9100 certificates is likethe days when country clubs wouldn’t allow Blacks or Jews.”

Despite an October 2012 video in which he claims to only be in operation for “a year and two months,” Mr. Guberman claimed to OXebridge that he already had “over 200 clients.” Mr. Guberman is currently the only auditor employed with G-PMC. Assuming all 200 clients were small (under 10 employees), this would have required at least 400 days of certification auditing.

The ASQ material, apparently provided by Mr. Guberman himself, says the session will discuss issues including:

  • When ISO is all about Standardization – why not the Certification Fees [sic] being standardized ?
  • What do you think about The Monopoly of accreditation body dictating registration companies? 
  • How ASQ can improve the Certification processes?

Oxebridge has recently obtained a quote from G-PMC which shows that Mr. Guberman bills clients a single fee for both preparation of ISO 9001 documentation followed by certification auditing. International accreditation rules prohibit accredited ISO 9001 registrars from auditing companies for which they have done consulting within two years, in order to ensure objectivity and freedom of conflicts of interest. As an unaccredited certificate mill, G-PMC can issue a certificate to anyone, whether they truly comply with ISO 9001 or not.

Mr. Guberman is of the belief that ANAB has authority over which companies can become accredited registrars, and in a recent interview with Oxebridge, revealed he had never heard of the accreditation standard ISO 17021, and was unaware that ANAB had global competitors such as UKAS or InMetro. The IAF currently lists over 60 such Accreditation Bodies worldwide.

Despite his position against accreditation, Mr. Guberman’s G-PMC claims accreditation from a number of organizations. None of the organizations are signatories to the IAF multilateral agreement ensuring such bodies operate under ISO 17011, the rules which enforce objectivity and freedom of conflicts of interest, and which provide for a system of processing customer complaints. Primary of G-PMC’s claimed accreditations is one from the B2B listing website Industrial Leaders Group, described as a “an industrial fasteners directory,” which charges companies $49 for a listing on its page, yet which claims the listings are “Quality Approved Manufacturing Program.”

The ILG website includes a number of logos using terms such as “ILG Approved” and “Industrial Leaders Accredited.” Another logo, for American Raw Materials, which also appears on G-PMC ISO 9001 certificates, claims certification to ARM, but the website listed is dead for at least a year.

Mr. Guberman has argued that ANAB has a monopoly over ISO 9001 certifications, and yet on the Industrial Leaders Group page, ILG disallows any organization other than Mr. Guberman’s from ever becoming accredited by it:

Please note ILG has only accredited one registration company (G-PMC) on an exclusive basis and will not entertain offers from other registrars to ensure its quality-focused, integrity-driven and value-added commitment remains at the forefront of its accreditation program.

In one of many YouTube videos on the subject, Mr. Guberman also claims to be the only possible source for “value added” ISO 9001 certification:

Daryl Guberman President of GUBERMAN-PMC,LLC , has information that if released to the quality community would decimate, the Quality Management Systems and illustrate to the business owners that the only value added company is GUBERMAN-PMC,LLC.

Mr. Guberman’s argument includes claims of illegal “protectionism” and monopoly control, but his own ASQ conference announcement apparently argues for industry-wide price regulation (“why not the Certification Fees [sic] being standardized?)

Oxebridge spoke with ASQ New Haven Chair Jay Kirshnamoorthy and confirmed that they were not fully aware of all of Mr. Guberman’s positions, but that he had been critical of ASQ and ISO related organizations in the past, and were allowing him a platform to present what they felt may be “controversial positions.” Mr. Kirshnamoorthy said that they did alert Mr. Guberman not to “say anything bad of ASQ or anyone else” in his discussions.


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