Over the years, the number of ethical violations exhibited by Daryl Guberman, Felice Guberman and Don Labelle with their certification mill operation “Guberman-PMC LLC” (aka G-PMC LLC, aka G-PMC Registrars LLC) have become mountainous. To keep it all straight, here is an omnibus collection of the events and scandals, with supporting evidence for each.

Certificate Mill Charge

In the ISO certification scheme, a “certificate mill” is an organization that issues ISO 9001 or related quality system certifications without proper third party accreditation, similar to how a “diploma mill” issues fake university degrees. Under the rules of ISO 17021 and ISO 17011, the three bodies involved in such certifications — the consultant, the registrar and the accreditation body — must be separate entities, without any financial ties. In the case of Guberman-PMC, they not only perform the consulting, they then issue the certificate, thus certifying their own work. Finally, their certificates contain logos for either fake accreditation bodies (see below) or that of ABAC (see below also) which is operated by Guberman. This means Daryl Guberman performs all three of the roles simultaneously, in violation of ISO 17021 and ISO 17011.

Source: http://www.g-pmc.com/about-us/

The G-PMC website openly markets consulting alongside certification services for over 20 standards and certification schemes, including ISO 9001 and AS9100, but also including many standards that do not actually exist, such as “ARM9009,” “MOD9009” and “CAN9009.”

Thus, Guberman-PMC literally meets the criteria to be considered a “certificate mill.”

Don Labelle Connection

Donald Norman Labelle is the primary marketing “brain” behind the Guberman operation, and while he apparently puts Daryl Guberman in the spotlight, nevertheless appears to operate the company from behind the scenes.

While there is very little social media or online record for Labelle, background checks reveal that Labelle has a long history of online marketing. His work on the internet began by offering an online version of the traditional “Who’s Who” book scams, which offer clients a listing in a book in exchange for payment. This plays to the desire by some individuals who want fame, but cannot achieve it without paying for publicity. Labelle created a series of websites and industry “networks” based on the Who’s Who models, wherein he charges membership fees for a listing on his website, while promising an array of — often dubious and unfounded — benefits. These websites then use various names such as the American Machine Shop Network, Industrial Leaders Group, Industrial PR Net and Manufacturing Partners (MFG Partners.)

The Labelle websites generally trade in “paid press releases,” where a person or organization can write anything they want and submit it to Labelle, who will — for a small fee, typically about $80 — distribute that through a network of press release aggregators. These aggregators don’t vet or edit the press releases, and then charge Labelle a fee for membership, raising questions about the ethics of the aggregators themselves. the end result is a press release can be written which says anything at all, without any basis in fact, and is then circulated on the internet through this global network, artificially inflating its veracity by ensuring widespread distribution.

Much of Guberman’s current notoriety comes from his partnership with Labelle, who launched Guberman’s latest career as an ISO consultant with a single press release in which they claimed Guberman had won a contest for best ISO consultant, even though the contest does not exist, and the entire incident never happened. But the press release was widespread, gathering significant traffic for Guberman.

Since then, Guberman and Labelle have circulated hundreds of fake press releases, as well as press releases attacking their perceived enemies and openly defaming them. Using Labelle’s network of press release aggregators and distributors, they can ensure maximum online damage to their victims, while artificially boosting the appearance of their online popularity.

Guberman PMC “Accreditations”

Fake Accreditations

Guberman-PMC and the various companies, websites and certification programs created by Guberman and Labelle claim a host of “accreditations” which, upon investigation, typically prove to be nothing more than logos; some of these logos are entirely fictional, and others are simply for websites which have nothing to do with accreditation. In other cases, the accreditations are simply the names of other websites created by Guberman/Labelle themselves. These logos the appear, in various forms, on certificates issued by G-PMC as well as on the websites of their various certification programs.

The primary accreditation claimed by the Guberman companies is that of ABAC, which does not actually exist as a formal accreditation body; this is discussed in detail below.

Other than ABAC, the false accreditations claimed by G-PMC number over 20. These include:

  • Global Quality Assurance Committee (GQAC) – no such organization or website.
  • ARM – American Raw Materials – this does not appear to be a real organization; no such organization exists, and no website appears in any search under this name.
  • ILG – Industrial Leaders Group – not a company, but a website originally created by Don Labelle as a manufacturing marketing site, similar to a “Who’s Who” registry. It provides no accreditation services at all.
  • Industrial PR – the marketing and press release distribution activity operated by Labelle, it is not an accreditation body but merely a marketing website.
  • MFGPartners.Net – Manufacturing Partners – another Labelle-created website, which does not actually offer any accreditations, and is another online “Who;s Who” registry for manufacturing firms.
  • AMSN – American Machine Shop Network – a business pseudonym used for the MFG Partners website created by Labelle, seen above; does not exist as an accreditation body nor a company, nor even a website by itself.
  • UASL – United Ackreditering Services Limited – this is a “certificate mill” operation which does not comply with International rules for accreditation and is not an official IAF signatory. Worse, a search of the UASL certification database does not list any Guberman PMC company, making the Guberman claim false. Multiple requests for clarification on this point with UASL went unanswered, and it’s not clear if UASL is actually a staffed, operating company.
  • DNMM – Developed National Manufacturing Materials –  No such organization, accreditation or website.
  • GPMC Group – this is simply another logo for the Guberman operation, worded slightly differently.
  • NFSC – National Food Safety Council – this is another Guberman operation, with its website showing Guberman and Labelle as founder and VP. It is not an actual company, and merely a website with its address resolving to a “virtual mail box” service operated by NY Mail.
  • CWOB – Certified Woman Owned Business – this is not an official accreditation, but instead simply a logo ostensibly created just for the Guberman websites.
  • CITE 9001 – Certified IT Enterprise – this is not an official accreditation, but instead simply a logo ostensibly created just for the Guberman websites.
  • MWOB – Minority Woman Owned Business – this is not an official accreditation, but instead simply a logo ostensibly created just for the Guberman websites.
  • AQHPA – American Quality Herbal Products Association – this is not an official accreditation, but instead simply a logo ostensibly created just for the Guberman websites.
  • SQF Service Quality Food –  this is not an official accreditation, but instead simply a logo ostensibly created just for the Guberman websites
  • E-releases – this is not an accreditation body, but simply a website logo for a company that offers press release distribution services.

Guberman-PMC then claim self-accreditation, a serious ethical violation, by claiming additional accreditations under programs they administer, even for conditions they cannot possibly meet, such as being a Veteran-owned business. This is the equivalent of a physician giving himself a medical degree. Such cases of “circular accreditation” by Guberman and Labelle include:

  • ARM 9009 – This is the Gubermans’ certification for handgun manufacturers; G-PMC does not manufacture firearms.
  • CAN 9009:2013 – This is the Gubermans’ certification for medical marijuana test labs; G-PMC does not test medical marijuana.
  • FSM 22000 – This is the Gubermans’ certification for restaurant food safety; G-PMC is not a restaurant.
  • VOB 9009  – This is the Gubermans’ certification for veteran-owned businesses; G-PMC does not veteran-owned (see Stolen Valor claims below.) Website here.
  • KOSH 9009 Food Safety Certification – This is the Gubermans’ certification for Kosher food processing; G-PMC does not produce food.
  • MDO 9009:2013 Modular Building Systems & Containers – This is the Gubermans’ certification for modular building system manufacturers; G-PMC does not build products of any type.
  • GMP Certified G-PMC –  This is the Gubermans’ certification for good manufacturing processes (GMP) typically required by FDA; G-PMC does not manufacture anything subject to FDA approval and does not hold FDA approval.

Falsified Accreditation Body “ABAC”

Guberman-PMC claims to be the “only independently accredited registrar accredited by the American Board of Accredited Certifications,” or ABAC. This statement is both false and misleading.

ABAC, also known as ABOAC, is not an actual organization in that to date no records of the company having been formally registered, formed or licensed in any state exist. The company operates out of a “virtual mail” office provided by the service provider Regus, and has no actual physical address of its own. The website shows the company has no formally-entitized suffix, such as “LLC” or “Inc.” raising questions on how the company processes income and sales taxes for its services. Furthermore, as discussed below, many of the alleged staff members do not actually exist. Therefore, the claim that Guberman-PMC is accredited by ABAC is false, since ABAC is not an actual company in any sense, but merely a website with graphics.

Next, it is false to claim that Guberman-PMC is “independently accredited” by ABAC since the ABAC website is operated by Daryl Guberman and Don Labelle, who both own and operate Guberman-PMC at the same time. The names of Guberman and Labelle both appear on the “contact” list of alleged ABAC employees. An organization cannot claim “independent” accreditation if the same employees operate both the organization claiming accreditation, and the organization granting accreditation.

ABAC may be subject to fraud and deceptive marketing practices by its repeated claim, such as the one made here, that it is the “official US accreditation body,” when in fact, the US has not granted any such status to ABAC, and major US contractors and government agencies have rejected accreditation by ABAC. The website engages in openly false marketing, by claiming it is the “nation’s leading accreditation board” when it only has a single client, that of Guberman PMC.

ABAC openly uses the ISO logo in violation of trademark law, by embedding the logo inside their own.

Falsification of Staff Members, Board of Advisers

The various Guberman organizations are rife with images and names of staff members, advisory board members and other alleged employees who often do not exist, or which use photos of real people but without the permission or knowledge of the person shown. Some of these staff members often have their credentials exaggerated or falsified beyond what is known about them in real life. Some of the staff pages used by the Gubermans and Labelle can be found here, here and here.

  • Don Sadoski – CEO Guberman-PMC – does not appear to exist, and photo appears to have been manipulated to frustrate image searches. A dentist with this name appears to reside near the G-PMC region, but does not match the professional description given by Guberman. Attempts to verify Sadoski’s existence have gone unanswered to date.
  • Maria Sanches, Client Coordinator, ABAC – does not exist
  • Jim Davidson, Accreditation Director ABAC – appears to exist but never confirmed in the first person
  • Ray Mullin PhD, Aerospace Program Manager ABAC – confirmed as a real person, but unable to confirm actual employment
  • Henry Kroger, Chairman, Board of Advisors, ABAC – photos exists, but no other confirmation of his existence
  • John Bury, Accreditation Manager ABAC – former pilot, but does not live in the area and could not confirm his knowledge of his appearance on the site.
  • Frank Dixon, Advisory Board ABAC – confirmed, but when questioned about role in Guberman companies, cut off all communication and refused to answer questions. Engages in over-the-top self-promotion, once calling himself “the world’s most interesting man.”
  • Jack Oliver, Advisory Board ABAC – confirmed but actually works as a Quality Manager for Texas manufacturer Nosco. his signature appears on many G-PMC certificates. Refused to answer multiple questions about his role in Guberman companies, but appears to have allowed his photo and signature to be used.
  • Leslie J. Hepler, Advisory Board ABAC – Deceased war veteran; see below.
  • William Tanenbaum – Advisor for KOSH 9009 Program ABAC – exists, but owns a mobile home park in Florida.
  • Agatha Adelman –  Director of Quality Program Assessment & Cost ABAC – does not exist. Photo was taken from a Russian dating website.
  • Lucy Cocozza-Clark, Kelly Rak, and Jackie Berube – G-PMC Advisory Board – these three women work for Laurel Wire, a company that has close relations with Daryl Guberman. A discussion with Ms. Rak, however, revealed she was not aware of their legal liabilities when acting in the role of Advisory Board member, and she may not have been fully aware of the extent of marketing of the Laurel Wire name in the Gubermans’ marketing. Is now under investigation for criminal wiretapping due to an illegal phone recording made on their premises by Daryl Guberman. All are employed in a wire manufacturing firm, but simultaneously falsely credentialed by Guberman as being Food Safety Inspectors.
  • Ray Aniero – G-PMC Advisory Board – Deceased war veteran; see below.
  • John Masulli – Food Safety Inspector for FSM22000 program of the National Food Safety Council – Deceased. When he was alive, Mr. Masulli reported first-hand to Oxebridge that he never worked with Guberman and had no knowledge that his photo and ID was being used in the company’s marketing. He has since died, and yet Guberman continues to use his photo, claiming he is the “Business Director” of Guberman PMC LLC.
  • Latisha Adams – does not exist, and photo was taken from a stock photo of a “black young businesswoman” sold by various photo outlets, including Pixabay.
  • Katie Pinto – does not exist, and phoeo was taken from another modeling stock photo, apparently taken from a Greek lifestyle website.
  • Natasha Petrov – does not exist and appears to have been taken from the Russian social media site VK.com, from the profile for Mayya Yarets, a woman from Gomel, Belarus.
  • Rhonda Brown – Executive Vice President of PR/ISO 9001 Quality Certifications – does not exist, and photo was taken from another stock model photo.
  • Gian Diacos and Mildred Austria – Client Services, National Food Safety Council – Mr. Diacos and Ms. Austria are both residents of the Philippines, and were hired by Don Labelle under a one-time, short term work assignment to make sales calls for the various Guberman companies related to ISO 9001. They never worked for NFSC, and have no employment status with them currently.

Additional reporting on this subject here.

Use of Deceased Veterans to Promote Business

Daryl Guberman and Don Labelle have consistently listed Leslie Hepler as an advisory board member for their various organizations, including the Guberman-PMC registrar company. Hepler was a Vietnam veteran and died in June 2016 (obituary) but the Guberman sites continue to use his photo and indicate him as being a current staff member.

Additional reporting on this subject here.

Daryl Guberman and Don Labelle have consistently listed Ray Aneiro as an advisory board member for their various organizations, including the Guberman-PMC registrar company. Aneiro was a Korean veteran and was hospitalized with a stroke many years ago, and died in February 2018. His family has reported he never worked for the Guberman companies, but did know Daryl Guberman when they worked together at Modern Plastics. The Aneiro family was horrified to learn that Daryl Guberman was using their father’s photo without permission, but the Guberman sites continue to use his photo and indicate him as being a current staff member.

Additional reporting on this subject here.

Use of Dr. Guberman’s Official Position in Connecticut State Government to Promote Business

Until recently, the registered agent listed in official Connecticut state business records was Dr. Felice Guberman, the wife of Daryl Guberman. Dr. Guberman worked first for the Connecticut State Department of Veterans Affairs and then for the CT state Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services; she is director of the Fellowship House recovery home for veterans who suffer from PTSD and drug addiction, where she also works as a practicing psychologist. At the same time, Daryl Guberman has used his wife’s position with the State of Connecticut as a selling point when marketing the G-PMC program “VOB9009” certification for veteran-owned businesses, promising that users of their services would thus gain benefit from having a connection inside the Connecticut state government and veterans affairs offices. This conflict of interest may raise to felony criminal violations of CT state law, which bars state employees from using their positions to enrich themselves or their families. The fact that the Gubermans have consistently used the photos of dead or disabled veterans to market their services worsens the potential ethical violations by Dr. Guberman.

Agreement to Provide Remote ISO 9001 Certification to Fictional Company

In 2014, Oxebridge conducted a sting operation intended to prove that unaccredited, or self-accredited, certificate mills would agree to certify any company, under any conditions, regardless of quality. Oxebridge set up a website and quality manual for a fictional company that purported to make a “negative buoyancy life vest” filled with lead shot and cement, and which was designed to kill the wearer; the company’s name was LifeSink LLC. Fictional test data was created which showed how many people had died wearing the product. The CEO of the comapny was named Jack Pozzolan; “pozzolan” is an ingredient in cement. The sting requested certificate mills to agree to certify the company, after showing them the company marketing brochure, quality manual and test data, and then demanded that any ISO 9001 certificate could only be issued without an actual audit, and only through email. The fake request was then sent to four famous ISO 9001 certificate mills, and four accredited ISO 9001 registrars; the accredited registrars all refused the work, while all four of the certificate mills agreed to certify the company. Guberman-PMC was one such company, with Daryl Guberman personally submitting emails agreeing to issue the certificate.

Additional reporting on this subject here.

Defamation and Harassment of Critics and Competitors

When rejected after a sales pitch, Daryl Guberman and Don Labelle will frequently begin a defamation and harassment campaign against the victim company. They do the same for any person, organization or industry they view as a competitor or critic. they have reserved special amounts of hate for ANSI, IAF, ASQ, NIST, CONN-STEP, Oxebridge, Lockheed Martin, Pratt Whitney, SpaceX and others.

The distribution outlets for their defamatory materials, which typically include articles, “fake news” press releases and videos, include Ripoff Report, YouTube (see below), Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Scribd and the full network of PR press release outlets managed by Don Labelle’s Industrial PR Net operation.

YouTube Attack Videos, Conspiracy Theories

Daryl Guberman’s official Guberman-PMC YouTube channel, as well as Don Labelle’s IndustrialPR channel, are entirely dedicated to videos featuring Guberman taling to the camera and harassing, defaming and attacking perceived competitors, while espousing rambling and often nonsensical conspiracy theories. As of August 2017, Guberman has posted attack videos against ANSI, NIST, the NSA, FBI, Donald Trump, ASQ, IAF, ANAB, ConnStep, Oxebridge, ISO, IAQG, Lockheed Martin, Pratt Whitney, Sikorsky, Dick Blumenthal, MEP, ILAC, ServSafe, CT Attorney General George Gepsen and more.

The common thread behind all of them derives from Guberman and Labelle being infuriated because their G-PMC certifications were rejected by someone, resulting an onslaught of attack videos in response. Typically the videos only have a few views, and the comments are nearly entirely links to other videos posted by Guberman or Labelle themselves.


Despite boasting about his own Jewishness, Daryl Guberman actively engages in anti-Israel and anti-Jewish demagoguery. He has accused Jews of murdering Christ, the same “blood libel” charge made by the Nazis to justify the Holocaust, and has repeatedly accused Israel of terrorism. In one YouTube video, Guberman suggests that Israel join ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Claims of Winning Awards That Don’t Exist

Using the PR marketing network created by Don Labelle, Daryl Guberman and Labelle have published a series of press releases, news reports and other fictional publications that claim Daryl Guberman has won awards and/or received other professional accolades that do not exist.

Guberman first arrived on the ISO consulting scene after losing his job at Modern Plastics, by publishing a fictional press release — with the help of Labelle — with the headline “Guberman-PMC Trumps 147 Competitors as Top ISO Specialists Nationwide.”

The article refers to a “competition” between ISO consultants that does not exist, and despite being written in the third person, is nevertheless signed at the end of the article as having been written by Daryl Guberman himself.

Guberman has repeatedly claimed he was a “runner up” in a Mr. America contest, but records show he placed in 6th place, not 2nd.

Videos Falsely Circulated as Official “News” Reports

Again, with the help of the Labelle PR operation, Guberman and Labelle create numerous low-budget, poorly made videos that nevertheless purport to be actual “news” reports.

In one video, an actor standing in front of a computer-generated backdrop, and behind a computer-generated podium, claims to be giving a live “press conference” in Washington DC about Guberman-PMC’s ARM9009 handgun manufacturing standard. The video is so poorly produced, the actor was forced to hold his hands in front of him, in mid-air, so they could digitally insert a computer-generated image of a podium, presumably because the studio did not have an actual podium for the actor to stand in front of.

In another, an actor on a computer-generated set, complete with computer generated desk props, claims to be presenting a news report on Guberman; Guberman and Labelle later published this claiming it was an actual “CNN” news report.

In another video (here), a heavily accented British actor pretends to be a news reporter cutting away to a breaking news report that Daryl Guberman and Don Labelle are about to meet with Donald Trump; the video also features actors in front of a computer generated backdrop. None of the people mentioned — Guberman, Labelle or Trump — ever actually appear in the video.

In another video, Guberman claims a “client” rewarded Guberman-PMC by painting their logo on the side of a jumbo jet; in fact, the video is a promotional “joke video” offered by numerous marketing companies who will, for a small fee, put any any company’s logo on the side of the same jet in the same video, using computer overlay techniques.

False Claim of Food Inspector Credentials

For their unaccredited “food safety inspection program” FSM22000, Guberman and Labelle created the fictional company “National Food Safety Council” which operates out of a NYC mail forwarder office. On the site for FSM22000, Guberman and Labelle make multiple claims that their staff are certified food inspectors certified by the New York Dept. of Health. Calls to that department revealed that none of the individuals listed on the website are certified as NYC food inspectors.

Instead, it appears that Daryl Guberman took the NYC Online Food Protection Course, a mandatory web-based course that all restaurant owners in New York City must have in order to obtain a license to operate. The course costs about $25, and does not qualify one as an official food inspector.

Furthermore, Guberman and Labelle have then claimed that a number of their cohorts have food safety inspector status, even those residing outside of New York City, such as Kelly Rak of Laurel Wire in Connecticut, and Jack Oliver of Nosco in Texas.

Anti-Semitic Attacks to Promote Kosher Food Program

Guberman and Labelle created KOSH9009, a Kosher food certification program, aimed to compete with the United States’ official Kosher certification body, the Orthodox Union. In a Facebook post, Daryl Guberman criticized the Orthodox Union and accused it of crimes, while making other incendiary and anti-Semitic comments, including accusing Jews of killing Christ. The latter is the most offensive insult that can be made against Jews, and invokes “blood libel” justifications for the Holocaust. Guberman and Labelle later invoked the anti-Semitic label to those who criticized his comments, on the basis that Guberman claims he is Jewish. Guberman pulled the Facebook post, but it remains on the Oxebridge site, where Guberman filed fraudulent DMCA notices (see below) to have it removed; those requests did not succeed.

Guberman consistently accuses critics or competitors of anti-Semitism, ignoring his own hateful rhetoric.

Racism Against Indians

Daryl Guberman has made various racist statements against Indians, once justifying his own lack of accreditation by saying, “who knows where those Indian doctors get their degrees from?” But recently, he posted an overtly racist video in which he berates an Indian registrar while taking on an exaggerated Indian accent.

Click here to see the video.

Stolen Valor – False Claims of Veteran Status

G-PMC claims veteran-owned status.

Daryl Guberman has personally attacked many of his competitors and other perceived enemies as being anti-Veteran. While Guberman himself is not a veteran, and never served, he nevertheless pitches himself as being a veteran-supporter. In reality, however, he has viciously attacked veterans when they refuse to purchase his services. In a phone call to one company in Georgia, owned by a retired US Navy SEAL, he screamed at the owner calling him an “asshole.” When another Veterans group refused to grant Guberman-PMC an “exclusive” contract for ISO auditing work, Guberman responded by digging up the divorce papers of the organization’s owner and threatening to embarrass him with them.

Worst of all, however is the use by the Gubermans and Labelle of the photos and identies of two US veterans as “Staff” members, when one veteran is deceased, and th eother disabled from a stroke; see above.

However, the Gubermans and Labelle may have violated US Federal “Stolen Valor” Law by claiming their own company is a Veteran-Owned Business, which is a false statement.

Illegal Recording of Phone Calls Between Third Parties

In 2018, Guberman illegally recorded a phone call between Oxebridge and one of his Board of Advisors members, Kelly Rak of Laurel Wire. The police investigated and determine that the recording was not a violation of local criminal code, but was illegal under civil statute. Guberman then falsely claimed he was found innocent, and that the call was made by Oxebridge to harass his “customer.” Rak still appears on Guberman’s Board of Advisors, and has since published material supporting Guberman, despite the crime.

Harassing and Obscene Voice Mails, Text Messages

[Coming soon.]

Impersonating Attorneys / Fraudulent DMCA Claims

In an attempt to have reporting about their activities removed, Don Labelle and Daryl Guberman filed 40 or more fraudulent Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedown notices against the Oxebridge.com website. When filed legally, these notices are used to take down copyrighted material that has been republished by a third party without permission. In the case of the Guberman and Labelle filings, they falsely claimed ownership over material and photos created by Oxebridge itself, or photos of other parties; they essentially “scraped” the website for any graphic whatsoever, and then filed a copy-and-paste DMCA claim asserting they were the original owner of the material, and had the legal authority to demand its removal.

In doing so, Labelle and Guberman impersonated attorneys and legal representatives of persons who never hired them in this capacity, and in many cases who never met either man. Furthermore, DMCA notices are filed under penalty of perjury, and the filing of fraudulent notices is a violation of the Federal law 17 U.S.C. § 512(f). Impersonating an attorney is illegal under different laws, depending on the states involved. Together, the two men at times claimed to be the legal authority for ISO figures such as Paul Palmes, Jack West, Julie Congress, Denise Robitaille and more.

You can read more here.

Filing Fraudulent Dept. of Justice Complaint

[Coming soon.]

Issuance of Handgun Certification For Standard That Does Not Exist

In 2014, Oxebridge confirmed that Guberman-PMC was issuing certificates to its alleged firearm quality manufacturing standard, ARM9009, even though the standard was never actually written. The owner of that company told Oxebridge that while they thought it was unusual that Guberman was certifying them to a standard that hadn’t been written, Guberman assured them it would be written afterwards, based on their experiences. Read more about that incident here.

Guberman and Labelle then made a number of false marketing claims about their ARM9009 certification scheme, indicating it had “surpassed” ISO 9001, despite ISO 9001 having over a million worldwide users and ARM9009 only having records of four users. You can read more about their false claims here.

Harassment of Veterans and Veterans Organization

In 2017, Guberman approached the US Veterans Chamber of Commerce and attempted to obtain an exclusive, non-compete contract to provide the Chamber’s members with ISO certifications. When he was rebuffed, he immediately engaged in “doxing” the Chamber’s President, threatening to reveal personal information if they did not change their position.

Daryl Guberman DUI Arrest

Daryl Guberman was arrested in 2015 for “driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol” (DUI) after his car was spotted by a Connecticut police officer crossing the yellow lane divider and forcing another car off the road to avoid an accident. 

Publication of False Testimonials & Endorsements

Since the Guberman-PMC LLC company began, it’s website listed “endorsements” and “testimonials” which were later found to be fabricated or, in some cases, snippets from emails received by Daryl Guberman but which had nothing to do with G-PMC. About half of those testimonials were at first removed by Guberman after they were debunked, and more recently were removed entirely. The page now includes no endorsements at all, but instead lists companies who have purchased ISO 9001 certificates from G-PMC; in some cases, these companies have since switched to accredited registrars and deleted their G-PMC certificate, but are listed by Guberman anyway.

Exaggeration of Work Experience and Credentials

[Coming soon.]

Guberman-PMC Bought ISO 9001 Certificate From Indian Registrar

In 2016, the Guberman website suddenly claimed that G-PMC LLC had, itself, achieved ISO 9001 certification. The certificate was issued by a registrar named Generic Management Services out of India, and included the logo of the accreditation body RENAR of Romania, and the IAF. Oxebridge filed a report on the matter, and RENAR conducted an investigation that confirmed the certificate was invalid. Generic Management Services lost their accreditation from RENAR for issuing a fraudulent certificate. At the same time, Generic Management Services insisted on its innocence, claiming instead that Guberman had stolen their logo without permission and accused Guberman-PMC of “fraud.” Guberman then began using the IAF logo on certificates issued by his company, G-PMC.

After the fraud was exposed, Guberman and Labelle published articles that claimed the entire thing was a sting that they conducted, to expose how an IAF-accredited registrar would issue a certificate to a “company that did not exist.” This was clearly a means of trying to explain away the problem, and did not explain why G-PMC used the IAF logo on its own certificates, given to third party companies.

Read more on this here. here and here.

Illegal Use of ISO and IAF Logos

Guberman/Labelle website fro PR/ISO 9001 includes illegal use of IAF logo at bottom.



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