This is Part V of our ongoing series where we look back at some recent editorial graphics that ran alongside Oxebridge posts. See Part I of this series here, Part II here, Part III here and Part IV here.

The Website Launch That Wasn’t

When IAF launched its CertSearch database site, things went very wrong, because you couldn’t actually search any certs.

National Quality Assholes

This graphic accompanied our report on how a high-ranking manager at the registrar NQA threatened a client for daring to hire Oxebridge to help close their audit nonconformities.

Banned for Life

When SAPA was banned from supplying aerospace materials after if falsified material data, BSI continued to certify them to AS9100 anyway, and Quality Magazine kept giving them awards

Scream and Scream Again

This obscure graphic went over a lot of people’s heads; it’s the European Accreditation (EA) logo used in a more effective manner.

I Thought You Said “Upskirt”

IAF’s CertSearch beta site was bungled from the start.

Rhymes with Ahab

As usual, ANAB released a really, really dumb ruling that stands to allow large companies to cheat the system, making this logo re-imagining a bit more accurate.


Vice Is Nice, But…

When BNP Media’s Quality Magazine gave a made-up award to publishing competitor ASQ, we came up with this incest-themed graphic.

If You Pay Me, I’ll Volunteer

We got fed up with ISO TC 176 members disingenuously claiming themselves as unpaid “volunteers,” and ran this graphic alongside the appropriate rant.

Too Soon?


Other Consultants Are Scum

When we found out consultants were stealing our free ISO 9001 and As9100 template kits, and charging clients for them, we got pissed. Very pissed.

What the ….?

This ran only on the Oxebridge Twitter feed, so you may have missed it, but it’s our take on the new post-Brexit UK CE mark logo, which basically looks the same.

The Hollow Man

For a while, it wasn’t clear who was running the US TAG to TC 176.

Oh, Wait…

…it was Paul Palmes, who we represented with this graphic:

Thug Life

ISO nicknamed its Brand Integrity Group the “B.I.G.,” because so many of those old white guys listen to Biggie.

Imagine What Their Browser History Looks Like

Nigel Croft’s “B.I.G.” gang thought it was clever to name their ISO 9001 related plans after a 1980’s softcore porn movie.




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