This is Part IV of our ongoing series where we look back at some recent editorial graphics that ran alongside Oxebridge posts. See Part I of this series here, Part II here and Part III here.

Those Bloody Bastards

This graphic, erm, graphic was cut from an article on how some ISO 13485 certified companies were cited by the US FDA for manufacturing dangerous medical devices.

Instead, this graphic was used in its place:

It’s Zen, Baby

Oxebridge got all woke and used this illustration to describe how companies facing the impossible ISO 9001 transition deadline should just yield to it, and to the work necessary to update their QMS in their own time.

The Kessel Run

When BSI started issuing unaccredited ISO 45001 certificates within minutes of the new standard being published, only a Star Wars meme could possibly capture the fantastic madness of it all.

Spelling Lessons

Following on from that BSI debacle, the IAF was supposed to look into how, exactly, BSI was issuing unaccredited certificates when doing so is a violation of the accreditation rules. They never bothered to follow up, of course.

Watch the Birdie

This mashup of the ANAB and EAGLE Certification Group logos was used to illustrate the coziness of the two organizations having their respective Presidents related as father and son.

Every Time A Registrar Lies To A Client, An Angel Gets Its Wings

This graphic accompanied our report on how one Intertek auditor provided gushing praise to a client, leading them to publish a most extraordinary press release. The original response by the angel on the right was “Noob!” but we thought “Sigh” worked better.

Do As I Say, Not As I Say I Do

This pants-on-fire genius illustrated the problem of yielding to so-called “expert” advice by registrar auditors who hide their consulting under the guise of “opportunities for improvement.”

Free Just Got Expensive

When we found a consulting firm reselling our free ISO 9001 Template Kit documents for a whopping $17,000, we ran this as the thumbnail graphic. The article was removed when the firm ceased its copyright and trademark infringement in order to avoid a lawsuit by Oxebridge.

Follow The Money

When we found out that 50% of the IAF’s annual income went to a single Canadian consultant, we ran this graphic of their logo on some c-notes.

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