Craig Willetts

You may remember UK consultant Craig Willetts, a British Daryl Guberman wannabe who uses a host of websites under a host of company names to simultaneously sell ISO 9001 consulting and certification. Mimicking Guberman nearly exactly, he has also published fake press releases announcing himself as an “ISO expert.”

Willetts denied he’s a certificate mill, but won’t stop selling consulting services through his company CAW Consultancy while simultaneously selling certification services through CAW Certification. That literally makes his company a certificate mill, but Willetts hopes if he says “no it isn’t” enough times, the problem will go away.

Previously, Willetts posted a link on Facebook suggesting “hoes” send him nude pics. Sigh.

Now he’s in more hot water, as is usually the case with such folks. First, he’s republished the entire ISO 9001:2015 standard but with his company logo on it, setting off what is likely to be a nasty encounter with ISO’s legal team, as well as behemoth BSI, which is licensed to sell the standard in the UK. (I’m not going to run the link here, since ISO will sue even people who link to copies of their standards, and I certainly don’t want to drive any traffic his way.)

Next, Willets has published a batch of PowerPoint sales presentations for his various companies, each of them claiming some special arrangement with the British accreditation body UKAS, which they can’t be happy about, and even using their logo in a few places. But worse, he claims in one presentation that he can obtain a £50 discount for any consulting client who signs up with registrar “ISOQUAR.” He actually means British CB Alcumus ISOQAR, but Willetts’ spelling is atrocious.


ISO Benchmark

Either way, offering such a discount is a violation of ISO 17021, which prohibits such offerings between CBs and consultants. This actually hurts Alcumus ISOQAR, not Willetts directly, since ISO 17021 demands that the CB police how consultants are co-marketing their services. Alcumus ISOQAR likely doesn’t care, since those are the same UKAS-accredited folks who offered consultants free booze in exchange for client referrals, so Alcumus and Willetts are a perfect match. and UKAS didn’t care about those shenanigans, so they will probably give a blind eye to this latest scandal, too.

Like Guberman, Willetts also has created a nest of “companies” he claims to operate, although we could only confirm one of them as actually being a legal business entity in the UK. These include Fusion Partners, Fusion Consultancy Worldwide, CAW Digital Management, CAW Accreditation, CAW Consultancy Business Solutions, New Era Consultancy, ISO Solutions Ltd., and more. Over at LinkedIn, a dubious set of “employees” for the CAW companies has arisen, many claiming to have worked there for nearly a decade, even though it appears he only started doing consulting recently. Guberman has done the same thing, inventing fake companies with fake employees, and then claiming they existed far longer than they actually have. And, like Guberman, the address for Willett’s “worldwide” empire actually resolves not to an actual office anywhere, but instead to a private home in a noncommercial neighborhood. It’s a bizarre study of the mindset of people who think they can get away with selling fake ISO certificates.

ISO hired a Wall Street law firm to go after Oxebridge for merely linking to a third party in an article about someone else who republished an ISO standard, so one can imagine what fun awaits Willetts. In our case, ISO was forced to back down before filing any actual lawsuit — because their case was crap — but it’s a bit more cut and dry for Willetts, since he slathered his company’s logo right on top of the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Alcumus ISOQAR was notified about the improper discount offer a while ago, and apparently has not done anything, so now UKAS is on the job. The huge tangle of fake companies, websites and online publications made by Willetts will pose a challenge for UKAS, as it’s like playing whack-a-mole, so I’m betting they will just shrug and let it be, too; UKAS doesn’t really keep staff on hand to enforce its logo usage, despite that being a requirement of its own accreditation rules under ISO 17011.

But ISO is likely to come knocking on Willetts door, for sure, through their UK proxy BSI. They don’t like their flagship product being pirated.