You remember Craig Willetts, the spelling-challenged certificate mill operator who simultaneously runs CAW Consultancy at the same time as the totally unaccredited registrar CAW Certification Services. Willetts is still insisting he’s not a certificate mill, even though he totally is, and he doesn’t quite grasp that concept of accreditation. Or, more likely, can’t afford it.

Well, over at his very public Facebook page, Willets posted this call for “hoes” to send him their nude photos:

When he’s not openly and publicly soliciting porn, Willetts is busy selling his “intergrated” management system, which apparently does not include anything whatsoever related to spell-checking:

But unlike many of the accredited registrars out there, at least Willetts ensures you’ll get a “Glass Engraved Trophy or Awards Plaque” if you hire them to certify your system. At least you know the money he’s saving by avoiding accreditation is going towards your trophy. Take that, BSI!


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