I say it all the time, but you can’t make this stuff up.

As you may have read, I have been criticizing TC 176 for yet another tropical jaunt masked as a “business trip,” with their current meeting going on right now in Barbados. This was triggered after TC 176’er Mark Eydman bragged on LinkedIn about the meeting being held there.

Upon hearing about my reporting on this subject (here and here), Eydman decided he’d either just full-on troll me, or openly display his complete ignorance of the criticism facing TC 176. Here’s what he wrote me on LinkedIn, with this museum-piece level example of total self-unawareness:

I also think it is a bit of a stretch to call the Azores a beach location. I don’t think this is particularly accurate. We were there in November, it was chilly and my main weather recollection is running through the streets in the rain trying to get home without being drenched. We were in Bali the year before which did have a local beach though I think I only visited it for my very early morning runs.

TC 176 is a dick.

Why this matters: while ISO 9001 dropped 20% of its customer base in a single year, and while the number of ISO 9001 certified companies involved in crimes, deadly product releases and scandals only increases, TC 176 is more worried about where it can get a tropical venue for its meetings. This means the problems will only get worse. More bad companies will use the standard’s vague language to get ISO 9001 certified, giving them access to contracts to manufacture safety-critical products that later kill people. Corruption will continue to run rampant in the certification scheme, and the trust and value of ISO 9001 will sink further into the mud. And self-absorbed narcissists will continue to get awarded by CQI and ASQ for their role in expanding this global corruption.





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