Just a quick note. We got a heads up from Approachable Certification in the UK if we registered with their consultant database by accident, since Oxebridge is in the US, not UK. I advised them that we never submitted anything to them — I never even heard of them, to be honest — but they they showed me an entry from yesterday, submitted by someone.

Just to be clear: Oxebridge does not list itself in the databases of ISO certification bodies! We remain totally firewalled from those conflicts of interest, and have asked Approachable to remove us.

If you’re an O-Fan and entering our data on our behalf, thanks, but please don’t.

The other possible answer is that the “sovereign citizen” conspiracy theorist Daryl Guberman has made a number of videos about Oxebridge being listed by ISOQAR UK, even though we never registered with them. It could be that Guberman or one of his certificate mill buddies is registering us so that Guberman has fodder for his videos. Whatever.

Again: Oxebridge is not aligned with any certification body, period. This gives us the freedom to file complaints against them on behalf of our clients or the general ISO user base without any conflicts.

As a side note, what’s interesting here is that ISOQAR UK has used the marketing tagline “Approachable” for years, and even has it in their logo. The founder of ISOQAR UK sold the company to Alcumus — you remember, those clowns that give consultants free booze for referring them — and then opened a separate ISOQAR company in the USA. Now he’s opened “Approachable Certification” which certainly seems to intentionally want to confuse itself with his former company, ISOQAR UK. There seems to be some bad blood playing out here.



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