Yes, true believers, it’s true. I’ve been secretly working on my next bestseller, Surviving AS9100 Rev. D: How To Implement the Aerospace Quality Management System Standard Without Crashing Into Anything. And just as we did with my last book, Surviving ISO 9001:2015, you can pre-order it now for huge savings off the final cover price.

Remember, this is a pre-order: you are buying the book before it’s published. Once it’s done, which I suspect will be in September/October 2018, you will get a notice for the final download link. Like the last book, this will only be available in e-book format, not as a physical hardcopy.

As I did with Surviving ISO 9001, I will be sure to add some additional material in the Pre-Order Edition that won’t be available in the final retail release. Not sure what that is yet, but I’ve got a few good ideas cooking.

This new book goes over how to implement the aerospace requirements created by the IAQG for AS9100, as well as AS9110 for aircraft repair stations and AS9120 for stockist distributors; it also includes implementation advice on the ISO 9001-only clauses, of course. This includes great ideas on implementing not only context of the organization and risk-based thinking in an aerospace environment, but also the aerospace additional expectations for a FOD program, counterfeit prevention program, heightened supplier controls, operational risk management, product safety and configuration management. You do not have to read Surviving ISO 9001 to immediately jump into Surviving AS9100 (but it can’t hurt.)

Remember: the pre-order edition of Surviving ISO 9001 was only $35, and the final retail addition sold for a whopping $75. The next Second Edition of that book is likely to sell for $100. If you get in on the Surviving AS9100 deal now, who knows how much you will save?

And, yes, Surviving AS9100 comes with the obligatory adult language warning. So bring your earplugs for when you read it.

Click here for ordering details.

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