As if the ISO scheme didn’t need more injury to its already tarnished reputation, we have Strahinja Stojanovic of Advisera inventing a new take on shady shit.

Advisera is advertising a “free” 8-hour ISO 9001:2015 Internal Auditor Course, but the catch is that you can’t get an actual certificate unless you pony up $449 to “purchase the certificate.”


You also get to retake the exam “for free” but only after you paid $449. Suddenly, free got expensive.

Strahinja was one of the tiny number of people actually banned from the ISO 9001 LinkedIn Group for his aggressive spamming. Believe me, the bar is pretty high on that group to get banned, but he refused to respond to a request to stop.

Advisera sells an ISO 9001 template kit for a whopping $797. Ouch.

Oh, yeah, and here is supposedly “objective” accreditation body PECB shilling for Advisera and promoting his videos. Because everyone sucks.

In related news, I will provide free heart surgery, but if you want me to close up your chest, you have to pay me $500,000 or I let you bleed out.


Free ISO 9001 Template Kit