It’s hard to believe that less than six months ago we launched THE AUDITOR comic here at, and we’ve already published more than 100 strips featuring Ray Battlesbee, the cantankerous and under-skilled auditor from registrar NQF International.

Why, 100… that’s got to be at least twice as many as fifty!

For the first 100 strips, we’ve seen embattled client Alex Mendes and his fellow workers go through a painful ISO 9001 audit by Ray, and then visit the annual ISO 9000 Conference. There, Alex met luminaries like Tim Lee of Boeing, Elva Nilsen of the IAF, and even Nigel Croft, the architect of “risk-based thinking.” We then found Ray subject to a customer complaint, and watched as that process unfolded in the halls of ANAB and the IAF.

Now things get kicked up a notch, as Alex’s company faces an ISO 9001 surveillance audit, with an ANAB witness auditor tagging along. What could go wrong?

You can catch all 100+ strips of THE AUDITOR right here, for free as always.

(For a map to all the characters shown in the photo above, click here.)