goodnewsTo all the O-fans out there, you may have noticed that our blog subscription feature — where you could get email updates as we posted new articles — stopped working. The reason is that the third-party plugin was updated and crippled the back end we use to manage the feature. We disabled it, and have been running the site without the feature for months as we researched an alternative.

We have since added a new plugin, but it does not allow us to import the previous email subscribers into the new format. So we are asking you to sign up again. Or, if you haven’t signed up, consider subscribing to the site updates. Your email is only used for the stated purpose, and won’t be sold or used for any spammy stuff.

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Remember, the biweekly Oxebridge Report uses a different subscription form (here) because not everyone wants both options. (Yes, some people are only half-dedicated to Oxebridge, if you can imagine that.) If you are interested, the O-Report provides additional news and opinion not available on the website.




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