Finally we have updated our subscription service; now you can subscribe to both The Oxebridge Report and blog updates with only one signup form.

The Oxebridge Report is an e-newsletter that goes out every 2-3 weeks, and features commentary and content not otherwise appearing on the full site. It also gives advance notices of interesting things coming your way from the Oxebridge Empire.

As for the blog updates, we finally jettisoned the WordPress plugins that were plagued with trouble, and incorporated it all into our neat-o Mailchimp service. Now when you sign up for The Oxebridge Report you will also get updates when new blog entries go up (no more than once per day  now set for twice per week, but only when there’s new content.)

As always, your information is never sold to any third party, and kept safe from hackers because it’s all kept on a wooden abacus. Win!

If you had a previous blog subscription account, it’s been automatically ported over the new system, so there should be no need to do anything.

If you haven’t subscribed yet, click here to get with the program! Otherwise the kids in school are going to pick on you ceaselessly, those little bastards.


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