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Meet David Hutchins, the 1,000 year old CQI cultist who won a 2019 award for having the longest subscription 50 years of membership in the UK’s Chartered Quality Insitute. Hutchins is a dedicated CQI apparatchik who not only promotes CQI at every turn, but gets rewarded for his loyal sycophancy.

David Hutchins, giving a speech about how great he is.

He’s also a brazen snake oil salesman, having started his own (wholly unaccredited) “Quality College” and issuing “diplomas” to students who pony up the thousands of pounds to buy his classes. Hutchins also has no qualms about shitting on anyone else in the industry to promote his made-up school for dupes.

On the website for the David Hutchins International Quality College (yes, his name is in the title), he has an entire page dedicated to why his school “is the only choice.”

Why DHI are the only choice:

We are the only organisation offering a Quality qualification, the Diploma and the Higher Diploma

I can think of quite a few other choices to blow my money on, like setting it on fire while I wear a bikini, but I digress…

His page claims to offer “accredited” courses, but I couldn’t actually find any evidence of accreditation anywhere. The site then blares out that “DHIQC have [sic] Approved Education Centres located around the world,” and lists exactly one, located in (snort) Bahrain. Yes, all Brits rely on Bahrain as the gold standard for their educational excellence.

Hutchins doesn’t stop there. In a recent LinkedIn post, he openly trashed The Toyota Production System, claiming he knows better. When challenged by another reader, he insisted that his critic’s opinion was uninformed, telling him to buy the class before criticizing it.

When I then posted that “that’s not how selling works,” Hutchins — in posts he has since deleted — insisted that he wasn’t trying to sell anything — even though he had literally quoted the price of his class — he was trying to stop people from going down the “garden path” with TPS.

At which point, Hutchins had a meltdown and deleted his posts, and blocked all of his critics on LinkedIn. But don’t worry, for sure the robe-wearing loonies at CQI will make up the difference, and pitch his “diplomas” for him.

But let’s be clear: it doesn’t matter how many awards the cult nuts at CQI lay on this guy, he is not running a real “college,” his “diplomas” are self-invented, and he is not smarter than Toyota.

He’s a snake-oil salesman. Hisss.

UPDATE 26 April 2020. Hutchins wrote to (a) whip out his wheezer and claim his credentials are bigger than mine, and (b) claim that his “diplomas” of his made-up “college” are accredited by the UK Chartered Quality Institute. He then used as evidence the fact that some of his students are simultaneous CQI members.  The only problems here are that (a) CQI isn’t an official educational or vocational school accreditation body within the UK, and (b) it doesn’t actually accredit anything. So Hutchins is, again, lying. Also, claiming “accreditation” because a few of your customers have membership in an organization would mean that his courses are probably accredited by the Chinese National Communist Party, if anyone from China ever took one. That’s not how accreditation works.

I’m preparing some official complaints in the UK against both the David Hutchins International Quality College for fraud and false advertising, as well as doing the preliminary activities towards the same against CQI if they are suddenly claiming to be an official UK educational accreditation body.


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