We reported a few weeks ago that ASQ CEO William Troy suddenly took an unexpected “private leave of absence,” but ASQ has now announced that Troy resigned entirely from the position.

In a letter to members, current Board Chair Benito Flores announced that Jim Templin will continue as Interim CEO while ASQ searches the halls of Chinese government agency buildings for a permanent replacement. OK, that last part I made up, but don’t be surprised if the next CEO has even closer ties to China than Troy did.

While I certainly hope it’s not for health reasons that Troy quit, I can’t say I’m sorry to see him go. His hamfisted, authoritarian rule oversaw a massive upset in ASQ membership, an increase it insanely draconian policies (again, that mirror China), and some bungled financial dealings that will ensure his short tenure goes down as a dim bit of history for ASQ.

Troy will have resigned without ever denouncing racism within the group — or even denouncing it in general — despite a call to do so dating back to 2017. Instead, Troy announced he would allow anyone to become a member, regardless of any history of racism or hate speech.

Unfortunately, ASQ has become a full-on cult, so without a leader who is willing to turn ASQ back into a true “professional society” and offer actual services to members, instead of abusing them as commodities to either sell or sell to, then ASQ won’t repair itself. We can expect little leadership, in the meantime, from either Templin or Torres. Expectations aren’t high.

Maybe I’ll put my resume forth for the job. It certainly pays well.


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