riskybidnizOxebridge has ended its speaking tour on Risky Business: Surviving the Future of ISO 9001:2015 with a final presentation in New York City for ASQ Section 300.  The tour attempted to bring awareness to issues within the ISO standards development process, as well as how companies might leverage some of the deficiencies in the coming ISO 9001 standard to their advantage. The event was held for a number of ASQ sections across the United States, as well as for private companies, military bases and public seminars in three countries. Oxebridge offered the event at no charge to its hosts.

Now that the tour has completed, the slide presentation is available for the public. You can download the full slide deck here. (PDF – 7.4 MB)

YouTube videos of the presentation, with narration, can be found here. The set has been split into thirds:

PART ONE: discusses the troubled development process leading to ISO 9001:2015 and the pressures put on ISO TC 176 to rush the standard, rather than focus on ensuring the quality of the content.


PART TWO: discusses the good and bad aspects of the new requirements, including a scathing look at “risk based thinking.”


PART THREE: presents “survival strategies” for leveraging the weaknesses of ISO 9001:2015 to your advantage, and how to tailor your QMS for maximum effect.



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Why we report on these topics

Since 2000, Oxebridge has worked to improve ISO and related certification schemes by identifying problems and then proposing solutions. We report on issues affecting standards users because so few other news outlets do. Our belief is that in order to fix the problems in these schemes, we must first understand the nature and breadth of those problems. Our reporting aims to do just that. Elsewhere on the Oxebridge site you will find White Papers and other articles proposing ideas to correct these problems.


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