prisonerJust a quick site notice. The other day we restored an email database for The Oxebridge Report newsletter, and it appears to have re-entered a few subscribers who had subsequently removed themselves from the list, or who had updated their email addresses. This may result in you receiving the Oxebridge Report even after having previously unsubscribed, or getting them to the wrong address.

Mailchimp should have detected this, but didn’t. I think it was something we did wrong on our end, though. I suspect only about ten addresses were re-instated, but can’t be sure.

If you previously unsubscribed, and find yourself on the list again, my apologies. It was a technical glitch, and not an attempt to spam.

If you see the Oxebridge Report appearing an an older email address, you may have to update your subscription info again. Sorry about that, too.



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