UPDATE, see below.

The CEO of CQI/IRCA, Vincent Desmond, has refused to commit to issuing a statement denouncing racism. The Chair of ISO/TC 176 SC2, Paul Simpson, refused the same, saying he didn’t know any racists in CQI, thus making it pointless in his view.

Then, we messaged the current CQI/IRCA Board Members, asking them to take a stand on this issue, and push Desmond into action. Not a single one replied.

Meanwhile, a search of the entire CQI website related to racism comes up with this result:

Racism grows when white people in power refuse to act, because their power allows them this comfort. The victims of racism do not have such luxuries. They cannot decide to not be victimized because they simply don’t feel like it. The tone-deaf positions of Desmond and Simpson show they have no understanding of the problem, and do not belong in positions of leadership of a major UK public charity or on key ISO standards development committees.

The Executive Leadership Team of CQI/IRCA is all white, and its Board only has one person of color. She did not respond to requests to press Desmond and CQI/IRCA to denounce racism.

The all-white Executive Leadership team of CQI/IRCA. Desmond is seated, in center.

The only language people like Desmond respond to is financial. For this reason, Oxebridge is calling on all accredited certification bodies to cease accepting IRCA auditor certification as a credential for hiring auditors. Every CB that continues to support IRCA is, by its own inaction, supporting the plague of racism.

At the same time, we urge every IRCA certified auditor to #burnyourIRCAcard as a sign to Desmond and the CQI/IRCA leadership.

Send a message that this behavior is not acceptable.

To send your message directly to Desmond, write to VDesmond@quality.org.

UPDATE 16 June 2020. Vince Desmond has blocked me on LinkedIn, to cut off all communication on the subject. This also stops me from tagging him in posts related to various other organizations, such as RIMS, who have publicly denounced racism and implemented strategies for improving diversity. Desmond is taking intentional actions to avoid the conversation, rather than tackle it head-on. Once again, this is the exact opposite type of behavior one would expect of a leader of a national, chartered charity.


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