Randy Dougherty, the former VP of ANAB who now holds the role of International Technical Specialist, has written a firm denunciation of the April 26th video posted by certificate mill operator Daryl Guberman, in which Guberman claims that ANAB “leadership” told him Oxebridge founder Christopher Paris is a “con artist,” “fraud” and “liar.”

The full email reads as follows:

The YouTube video by Mr. Guberman titled “ANAB-TAG 176  Slams Oxbridge Owner Chris Paris as a Liar, Fraud and Copyright Thief”, and that displays photos of Mr. Knappenberger and me, falsely or erroniously represents that ANAB leadership made any such statements about Chris Paris.

I repeat, these claims and implications by Mr. Guberman are incorrect, false or erroneous, and appear to be intentionally misleading.

ANAB leadership generally avoids responding to any such media posts even if misleading or untrue.

Oxebridge has already contacted its various attorneys to seek a means of obtaining the source of Guberman’s quote, which appears to be a document or a transcript of a verbal communication made between someone and Guberman himself.

The video provides damning evidence of collusion between senior leaders of the ANSI TAG to ISO TC 176, including Chair Paul Palmes and Lorri Hunt, as well as ASQ in the defamation campaign conducted by Guberman. Guberman has engaged in “doxing” of Oxebridge founder Paris, and accused him of terrorism, antisemitism, communism and various crimes. Guberman openly engages in the “doxing” right in the video that includes Palmes’ audio endorsement of Guberman’s actions.

Guberman is upset with Oxebridge after a 2014 “sting” operation conducted by Oxebridge which proved Guberman was offering ISO 9001 certificates over email to companies without an audit. During that sting, Guberman agreed to provide an ISO 9001 certificate to a fictional company that alleged to make life preservers made of cement.

The video now allows Oxebridge to pursue a response against the parties as a group, under “civil conspiracy” laws, rather than against the individuals.

Representatives of ANSI and ASQ have not responded to Oxebridge emails on the matter; neither have TAG 176 leaders Palmes or Hunt.

UPDATE 30 April 2018: Guberman has posted a new video in which he holds up an official ANSI TAG 176 document signed by Paul Palmes and Alka Jarvis, which he claims authorizes him to act on their behalf. The document includes a list of other typed names, including former chair Jack West, and TAG members Julie Congress and Denise Robitaille. As a result, the new video also appears to show that Guberman does not understand the difference between ANSI and ANAB, and is attributing the title “ANAB leadership” to the leaders of the US TAG, none of whom are members of ANAB.