A video posted by certificate mill operator Daryl Guberman appears to provide definitive proof that three major US organizations involved in ISO standards development and certification colluded to falsely accuse Oxebridge and its founder of crimes in response to unflattering industry reporting done by the company.

The Guberman video, entitled “ANAB-TAG 176 Slams Oxebridge Owner Chris Paris as a Liar, Fraud & Copyright Thief,” includes audio recordings of two voicemails left for Guberman by US TAG 176 Chair Paul Palmes. In the audio, which appears authentic, Palmes reaches out to Guberman for help against Oxebridge, implicating TAG 176 leader Lorri Hunt as well. Palmes then discusses a secret meeting with ASQ’s attorneys who debated suing Oxebridge, but then decided against it, a decision which Palmes admits “pissed him off.” Palmes then promises to provide additional documents to Guberman, presumably to help the certificate mill owner publish additional defamatory videos.

The same video then goes on to quote an unnamed ANAB “leader” who accuses Oxebridge founder Christopher Paris of being a “fraud” and “con artist.” Guberman holds up the photos of ANAB President John Knappenberger and former VP Randy Dougherty, implying one of the two men were the source of the quote.

The video is an astonishing look inside the dark world of US accreditation, and appears to provide solid proof that ANAB and its two co-owner organizations, ASQ and ANSI, have worked to shut down Oxebridge. It also shows how the organizations tasked with protecting the value of accredited certifications, such as ANSI and ANAB, are willing to work with unaccredited certificate mills to take down “enemies.”

The video provides additional ammunition for Oxebridge in its claim that the three organizations are engaged in whistleblower reprisals.

ASQ is currently the topic in a lawsuit mounted against Oxebridge by Pennsylvania Section Chair William Levinson. ASQ has refused to enforce its published Code of Ethics, ostensibly supporting Levinson in his suit, which alleges Oxebridge defamed Levinson. Levinson has operated three websites and a Twitter feed accusing Oxebridge of crimes, including supporting terrorism and copyright theft. Those same claims were repeated by Guberman in various videos, including the latest, and in prior videos in which Guberman supported Levinson.

At the same time, Guberman has accused ANAB, ANSI and ASQ of supporting terrorism, and has accused ANAB of antisemitism. This does not appear to have stopped the organizations from reaching out to Guberman in their quest to defame Oxebridge.

It does not appear that Guberman had permission to use Palmes’ voicemails in his videos. Guberman previously recorded and published a phone call between Paris an done of Guberman’s Advisory Board members, something local police deemed a violation of Connecticut civil law. Guberman includes that recording in his latest video, despite the official police report.

Paul Palmes

Guberman sells self-accredited ISO certificates alongside his wife, Felice Guberman, and partner Don LaBelle. They claim accreditation by an organization called ABAC, but the company does not appear to exist and is instead a website created by Guberman and LaBelle. Felice Guberman works for the State of Connecticut, offering veterans PTSD and addiction recovery services, while Daryl Guberman markets self-accredited “Veteran Owned Business” certifications, apparently using his wife’s role in the State government as a selling point.

Guberman and LaBelle filed dozens of DMCA takedown notices in an attempt to shut down the Oxebridge website, claiming they had been hired as legal representatives for multiple ANSI individuals, most of which were filed without the knowledge of the persons mentioned. Filing of fraudulent DMCA notices, and impersonating a third party’s lawyer, are illegal under US law.

Palmes is furious with Oxebridge after in-depth reporting showed that he had padded his resume prior to being elected US TAG 176 Chair. Palmes added over 20 years of ISO-related experience he didn’t actually have, something Oxebridge confirmed by contacting the organizations listed on his resume and other official filings.

The revelation that ASQ considered, but declined to pursue, legal action against Oxebridge was known privately to Paris, from sources within ASQ itself. ASQ official are reportedly afraid Oxebridge will use its standing in the quality assurance field to call for a boycott of the organization, something Oxebridge has not yet done. For over 15 years, Oxebridge has supported ASQ and provided free training sessions and seminar sessions to Sections throughout the US. A split occurred only after ASQ leadership opted to side with Levinson, who was found publishing more than a decade of racist hate speech against minorities; ASQ updated their Code of Ethics to address discrimination, but has refused to enforce it in the case of Levinson.

Oxebridge has since labeled ASQ a “cult,” which inculcates its members to work against their own personal interests, in order to benefit the group’s leaders.

The Guberman video was described by Paris as a “gift,” apparently providing fairly strong evidence of collusion between the three organizations and Guberman. “This allows us to focus our legal crosshairs on the collective, rather than multiple moving targets,” Paris explained. “It completely changes our response to the Levinson lawsuit. It moves the argument from one of defamation to civil conspiracy to defame.

Oxebridge operates an ISO 9001 Users Legal Defense Fund which is used to help fund the various legal actions against the industry bad actors.

UPDATE 27 April 2018: ANAB executive Randy Dougherty has denounced the Guberman video as being “incorrect, false or erroneous, and appear to be intentionally misleading.” See here.

UPDATE 30 April 2018: Guberman has posted a new video in which he holds up an official ANSI TAG 176 document signed by Paul Palmes and Alka Jarvis, which he claims authorizes him to act on their behalf. The document includes a list of other typed names, including former chair Jack West, and TAG members Julie Congress and Denise Robitaille. If the document is authentic, then it provides documented proof that the ANSI Technical Advisory Group used its official capacity to harass, defame and intimidate its critics, and partnered with a self-accredited certificate mill in order to do so.

The new video also appears to prove that Guberman does not understand the difference between ANSI and ANAB, and is attributing the title “ANAB leadership” to the leaders of the US TAG, none of whom are members of ANAB.


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