Oxebridge Quality Resources International (Tampa FL) has launched its new Deep Dive QMS Audit Program for companies interested in outsourcing internal quality system audits.

The Deep Dive audits provide an intense, detailed examination of a client’s entire QMS, and begin with a minimum service level of 10 audit days, where Oxebridge provides two auditors for one full week. Larger organizations of over 250 employees may opt for additional weeks.

In trial “Deep Dive” audits conducted at three pilot clients, Oxebridge uncovered over 350 nonconformities that were left unreported by either the companies’ internal auditors or their third-party certification bodies. Just one such nonconformity poses a risk if they are later discovered by registrars or customers.

Furthermore, Oxebridge does not spend time writing up typical minor nonconformities, such as those for document control issues, as separate findings in order to “pad” the results; these are instead combined, leaving the bulk of the findings related to important, QMS-critical gaps, leaks or holes. Filling these gaps ensures a healthy QMS for years to come. A final report with each finding listed, including evidence and clause citation, is provided; this includes evidence for all compliant areas, as well. In all cases, all the applicable ISO 9001 or AS9100 clauses are audited, per the scope of the client’s QMS.

The Oxebridge audits do not result in any third party certificate, and as a result may be included in the client’s internal audit program as a full annual QMS internal audit. The client’s employees are invited to “shadow” during the audit and receive an internal auditor training certificate at the end of the program.

Details on the Deep Dive QMS Audit Program may be found here.