Remember that time ISO gave me an actual award? Well, now I can not only legitimately claim to be an “ISO award-winning quality consultant,” I can take my place in history next to the greats such as W. Edwards Deming, Walt Disney, Peter Drucker and Albert Einstein. And I mean, like, literally next to them.

Over at the website Popular Quotes and Proverbs on Quality, my name pops up a whole bunch of times in quotes related to process management or quality management, placing me in between my (new) peers, some of the greatest geniuses of all time:

There I sit, in an exclusive club filled with some lesser-knowns such as Abraham Lincoln, Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos and William Yeats. Finally, those losers have attained true greatness, being equated with me.

So, everyone reading this should give ample thanks to my parents, for helping save the planet by creating me. Or just thank me directly, and I’ll pass on the message if I get the time. But no promises, I’m a busy genius, after all.