[See update below; as of February 2022, it is now evident the parties lied and the problem was never addressed.]

The ISO 9001 certification body Quality Registrar Systems (QRS) has had its accreditation suspended after an Oxebridge ISO Whistleblower Program complaint revealed it was allowing a Qatar-based consulting company to simultaneously quote consulting alongside QRS certification.

The whistleblower report found that the consulting firm Al Tair Inspection Services (ATIS) had submitted a proposal to a potential client that included a price for QRS certification, and then included a “guarantee” that the client would pass their QRS audit. The proposal also failed to quote any days for the second- and third-year surveillance audits, presumably giving the client a 3-year certificate with one audit. The first-year audit itself did not meet minimum audit duration requirements.

QRS has so far refused to acknowledge the complaint.

QRS was accredited by the United Arab Emirates’ official national accreditation body EIAC, which is an official IAF member. EIAC has only suspended QRS’ accreditation at this time, meaning it can still regain accreditation if it takes corrective action. Because QRS is in violation of requirements to acknowledge complaints, this seems unlikely. A failure to address the issue will force EIAC to permanently “withdraw” accreditation. The suspension is currently slated to remain in effect until November 2020, but may be extended unless EIAC withdraws the accreditation entirely.

Regardless, QRS has not updated its website, and continues to market itself as accredited by EIAC, another violation of accreditation rules. The website still uses EIAC’s old name and logo, under the name “DAC.”

At the same time, QRS claims accreditation through a non-IAF “accreditation mill” called the Accreditation Service for Certifying Bodies (ASCB.). That body issues unrecognized accreditation certificates, and then claims to be a member of the “Global Accreditation Forum,” a fake body apparently named to confuse the public with the official accreditation overseer, IAF. The ACSB appears to be a Pakistani company body with mailing addresses in the US and UK. The company’s US website is for a registered agent, and does not appear to be an actual business.

UPDATE 2 September 2020: QRS has formally responded to the complaint and Oxebridge accepted their response. They have severed their relationship with ATIS and claim to have taken corrective action to prevent such conflicts in the future.

UPDATE 10 February 2022: The claims by QRS now appear to have been entirely false. New evidence has come in of a client having received consulting by ATIS and simultaneous certifidation by QRS. The relationship between QRS and ATIS was never severed. Despite this, EIAC released the suspension, and ATIS/QRS are selling combined consulting and certification using the EIAC logo. A new complaint will be filed shortly.


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