The editors at ASQ’s Quality Progress thought it would be a good idea to make a promotional campaign where anyone on the internet can intentionally add any photo they like to the cover of Quality Progress. Because internet + photomanipulation always ends up on honest, family-friendly fun!

Then, they decided to name said campaign “QP Yourself!” simultaneously invoking an illegal drug reference with what happens when a person suffering from incontinence laughs too much. So now anyone can head over to and engage in some wholesome, professional entertainment.

So I decided to do just that, because I’m nothing if not wholesome. I had way the hell too much time on my hands (I’m on vacation, ok?) so worked up a few drafts:

If you want to work up your own versions, here’s how:

Visit Mind you, the entire thing is intended as an email harvesting campaign, and you have to enter an email address… but it doesn’t check for valid addresses, so just plop in whatever you want; I recommend “”. Then upload any image you like. Crop it, and add your headline text and formatting. Then hit “preview.” Finally, use your screencap program (or “print screen” for you luddites) to capture the “proof” that shows up. Don’t actually submit it, though. If you do, you’ll never get the final edition without the “proof” watermark since ASQ’s editors have to approve each entry.

You can sit and make as many as you like, using the same email address, just changing the photo and headline as you go.

If you want to submit your creations to me, I’ll run them right here (anonymously of course, unless you tell me otherwise).


Already I received the following creations from people outside of Oxebridge:

Reader Rehab S provided this:

An anonymous reader sent in another Toast themed cover. Didn’t he do well?

Two more Toast of London themed hacks, these from “Nan Slack”:

Reader “DrekKnight” sent in two of his own making:

O-Fan “RM” Provided this snarky take on registrar Intertek:

“Lenworth Cappington” sent in this helpful guide for what do to use you’ve “QP’d Yourself”:

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