Certificate mill operator and US Senate Candidate Daryl Guberman has falsely accused Oxebridge founder Christopher Paris of being “arrested” for reckless driving. The claim is wholly untrue, as Mr. Paris has no arrest record in the United States nor any country anywhere in the world. Oxebridge and Mr. Paris are already aggressively suing Guberman in Federal Court for defamation and other charges, so this represents an escalation of libel by Guberman.

False claim appearing on the Guberman PMC corporate website.

Through his attorney, Guberman denied making the post, despite it being on his official Guberman PMC LLC website. Previously, Guberman had demanded — again, through his attorney — that Oxebridge not publish anything about him during litigation, even as he was publishing new material about Oxebridge.

In addition to fabricating the arrest story, the publication by Guberman falsely accuses Paris of being a “Nazi apologist,” “racist scum” and a “con man.”

The latest smears were then picked up and circulated by Qatar-based registrar QACS who was recently de-accredited after a complaint was filed against it through Oxebridge’s international ISO Whistleblower Reporting program. That program has been credited for identifying a rash of violations of international accreditation rules throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East. The fact that the false charge was then used by a third party may worsen the case for Guberman.

In May of 2015 Guberman was, himself, arrested for “driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol” in Connecticut, where he is running for US Senate. A copy of the official police report was later obtained by Oxebridge and appears here.

The Guberman PMC LLC website continues to use photos of two dead veterans to market its services, falsely claiming that Leslie Hepler and Ray Aneiro act as Advisory Board members for the Guberman company. Both men died years ago. Mr. Aneiro in particular never worked for Guberman at all, and his family has criticized Guberman for using photos of their dead father without permission. On the obituary page for Mr. Hepler, Guberman advertised his company in a condolence note, proving that Guberman is aware that Mr. Hepler is deceased. Guberman has refused to remove the photos of both men, and continues to claim that the two men are not only alive, but work for him. Guberman then markets his company as having “veterans” on staff. Guberman has never served in the military.

Guberman collects donations on a site dedicated to his Senate campaign, yet has not registered with the Federal Election Commission. As a declared political candidate, Guberman is considered a “public figure.”

A Donald Trump fanatic, Guberman sells “MAGA Certification” to companies, despite there being no “MAGA” standard with which to certify.

Guberman is represented by Tallahassee attorney Bruce Minnick.

UPDATE 27 September 2019: the Guberman website has taken down the false arrest claim, but continues to make other defamatory accusations, including calling Mr. Paris a “con man.” The site now emphasizes a video in which Guberman claims “Oxebridge’s Con Man Chris Paris Sends Fake Court Summons,” and yet Guberman is currently represented by an attorney in the suit, and therefore knows the summons was not fake.  The site falsely claims “Jews, minorities and woman-owned businesses seem to be the primary target of the Hate Group Oxebridge.” Guberman will now have to prove these claims in court or face paying damages and court fees.



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