Oxebridge offers a number of public seminars, on a wide range of subjects, presented by Oxebridge founder Christopher Paris. Bringing a unique “voice of the user” perspective Mr. Paris’ talks and training are lively, humorous and insightful.

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Risky Business: Surviving the Next Edition of ISO 9001

Oxebridge has called on ISO to delay development on the next edition of ISO 9001, and yet the standards committee has refused. Facing massive user defection over what many are calling the “worst ISO 9001 revision ever,” those that stick with the standard will have some work ahead of them. This discussion, based on the ISO 9001:2015 Committee Draft, lays out how declining interest in ISO 9001 will affect user organizations, and what they will have to do in order to maintain certification under the new standard. Topics include:
  • Changes to the process approach: how to navigate the vague terrain of the new revision
  • Inclusion of risk management
  • Identifying the context of the orga
  • Preparing for Certification Body disagreements and unsupported findings
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(60 – 90 minutes)
10 Steps to Save ISO 9001Updated since the original tour in the early 2000’s, Mr. Paris “Ten Steps to Save ISO 9001” is more relevant than ever, coming on the heels of the already-reviled ISO 9001:2105 update. In this talk, Mr. Paris presents simple, cheap and quick fixes that the various parties can apply right now to help reverse the trends of declining ISO 9001 acceptance. Making a compelling, data-driven analysis of ISO 9001’s decline, this talk includes steps for ISO, accreditation bodies, certification bodies, auditors, consultants and even users.(120 minutes)


Since 1988, Mr. Paris has undergone hundreds of third party audits as the auditee. From this experience, Mr. Paris can provide invaluable “inside” information to CBs on what, exactly, their clients are experiencing during and after audits, the differences between what they tell CBs and what they really want, and how CB auditor performance impacts on the client’s entire perception of ISO… for good and bad. Accredited Certification Bodies can use these sessions as part of continual personal development training to maintain auditor credentials for their auditor pools. CB marketing reps can use the information in these sessions to tailor their services and advertising to attract new clients, and to ensure the satisfaction of existing clients.

Six Sense AuditingSix Sense Auditing: How to Conduct Perfect Third Party Audits Using All Six Senses

Certification Body auditors rely almost primarily on only one sense — sight — when collecting evidence during QMS assessments. In this discussion, Mr. Paris shows how auditors can use all six senses — yes, six! — when auditing in order to root out evidence, create and follow excellent audit trails, and ensure the results of audits provide concrete assistance to the client organization.

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(60 – 90 minutes)


Ignore Those Surveys: Top Five Things Your Certification Clients Never Tell You

Certification Body sales reps insist their clients are happy, and yet ISO 9001 certifications are declining, and CB’s suffer as clients allow certifications to lapse or, worse, “registrar shop” and transfer to competitors. Using poorly made survey data, or inadequate customer complaint information, CB’s insist there’s no problem, even when faced with evidence to the contrary. In this discussion, Mr. Paris reveals what clients are really thinking, why it differs from what they write on surveys or feedback forms, and how CB’s can use this information to not only ensure real customer satisfaction , but to translate that into growth through referrals.

(60 minutes)

Why Value Added Auditing is Toxic to You – and Your Clients

“Value added” auditing was conceived years ago as a way to differentiate CB’s from their competitors, and to provide clients a higher level of service. Unfortunately, nearly every CB now markets “value added  auditing,” diluting the differentiation to the point it has become a meaningless buzzword. Worse yet, clients hate it. In this discussion, Mr. Paris talks about how a rejection of “value added auditing” can actually push a CB ahead of its competition while regaining the trust and loyalty of certification clients.

(60 minutes)


EYESORE 9000 – A Wiseasserly Walk Through ISO 9001

Based on the phenomenally popular Eyesore 9000 published by Oxebridge, Mr. Paris takes a snarky and hilarious walk through the ISO 9001 standard, revealing the true story of how those requirements came to be. A wild story of sex, drugs and document control, this presentation includes some PG-13 material.

(120 minutes)

DUMBAS9100 – A Wiseasserly Walk Through AS9100

Like the Eyesore 9000 presentation, but looking at the satire AS9100 aerospace standard, DumbAS 9100. After this discussion, you’ll wonder how those airplanes stay aloft, and commit yourself to wearing a hardhat in public, in the event that they don’t. Some PG-13 material.

(120 minutes)

Waging a Personal War – Why Championing ISO 9001 Users Made Me the Enemy of Everybody Else

In this hilarious and controversial discussion, Mr. Paris discusses his unique and off-beat journey from ISO 9001 user to consultant, and how standing up for users put him on the receiving end of criticism from unexpected places. Often called “Don Quixote”

for taking on the various powers within the ISO 9001 world, Mr. Paris explains what motivates him, why his reputation doesn’t matter, and:

  • How the entire South Korean Army threatened Chris — but very, very politely
  • How a Six Sigma Black Belt’s request for help turned into a company-wide blacklist by Underwriters Labs
  • Why Peruvian pig food will teach us everything we need to know about ISO 901
  • How Chris sucked the oxygen out of the room during US TAG meetings…. six times.

(120 minutes)

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