Oxebridge has completed a pilot project of implementation of ISO 17034:2016 on “general requirements for the competence of reference material producers.” The standard is applicable to organizations that develop standards and reference materials which are then used by test labs or calibration houses.

ISO 17034 coverIn order to launch a full Oxebridge implementation program for a new standard, Oxebridge requires itself to implement the standard in a handful of pilot project companies first. Doing so ensures that the resulting implementation program meets Oxebridge’s requirements for reducing documentation, simplifying implementation, and meeting the requirements of resulting accreditation bodies.

Oxebrdge is using its experience in implementing ISO 17025 for test and calibration labs to help develop the ISO 17034 implementation program.

The program will not be available for “rapid” implementation, such as that used by Oxebridge’s other programs, including ISO 9001. This is because the work requires studies be conducted to establish uncertainty values, which cannot be rushed.

Currently, the draft program has been designed to comply with the specific requirements of the accreditation body A2LA, but can be adjusted to meet those of other ISO 17034 accreditation bodies such as ANAB or UKAS.

If your organization prepares reference materials or standards that require the issuance of accredited certifications, you are invited to contact Oxebridge for information on how we can offer implementation at a reduced rate as part of the pilot project program.


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