Winter Haven FL — Oxebridge Quality Resources has released a customizable “Internal Process Effectiveness Assessment Report” (PEAR) form for users of AS9100 Rev C.

The document was developed by Oxebridge to assist clients in ensuring their internal processes are assessed in the same manner as AS9100 certification bodies. The rules governing AS9100 audits — as published in AS9101 Rev D — include the use of a PEAR form by registrars, to document evidence that client processes are effective.

Oxebridge VP Operations Christopher Paris said, “Using our Internal PEAR will make sure you have the records on hand to provide your AS registrar, while also ensuring you have measured your process’ effectiveness in a manner that alighs with the expectations of the AS9101 standard, and the registrar.”

Oxebridge has criticized registrars for suggesting, or requiring, that clients complete PEAR forms for them.

“This is a different issue,” Mr. Paris said. “End users should not be completing paperwork which is required to be filled in by auditors. However, using an Internal PEAR for internal consumption is beneficial to the client, whether or not a registrar auditor ever looks at it. If a registrar can use the data on the PEAR to help complete their form, then that’s just a bonus.”

Oxebridge’s Internal PEAR mirrors the PEAR form used by registrars, but removes some minor elements only required for use by the registrar, and adds some clarifying language to make completion easier. The form includes prompts on what data to enter, and where.

The form is available free of charge here:

Internal PEAR (as editable .DOC file)

Internal PEAR (as PDF file)

Guidance and instructions for use of the Oxebridge Internal PEAR will be forthcoming.


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