Oxebridge has partnered with Texas QA to provide a quality management system software solution for clients interested in moving their systems to the cloud.

TQA Cloud is an MS Office 365-based QMS for small to medium enterprises, built on a SharePoint front end. For users, access to all typical QMS features is available through a single, browser-based interface. Documentation control, record storage, internal audits, corrective actions, nonconformity reports, and other QMS aspects are all managed through TQA Cloud.

Collaboration Over Competition

According to Texas QA CEO Kyle Chambers, “TQA Cloud was created specifically with small to mid-size manufacturing businesses in mind. You don’t have to have the budget of companies with 1,000+ employees to have software that helps raise your productivity and can compete on a global level.

The partnership between Texas QA and Oxebridge provides mutual benefits for each consulting firm, which will result in added value to clients. The TQA Cloud application was developed by Texas QA for ISO 9001; Oxebridge will assist in enabling TQA Cloud to be used for other management system standards, such as AS9100.

Texas QA offers services that Oxebridge does not, such as implementation of API Q1 systems for the oil and gas industry. Oxebridge, meanwhile, provides implementation of standards like AS9100 and the ISO 17000 series, which Texas QA does not offer.

Oxebridge founder Christopher Paris commented, “This arrangement shows that ISO consultancies can partner, and not just compete. Each can leverage the expertise of the other, in order to offer the best service to our clients.”

Texas QA and Oxebridge recently partnered to provide contract ISO 9001 auditing for SpaceX’s Starlink satellite dish manufacturing facility.

Oxebridge Tailoring

The Oxebridge-leveraged TQA Cloud implementation will also take advantage of some QMS approaches specific to Oxebridge, such as its use of the “COTO Log” to address risk-based thinking and context of the organization.

Oxebridge clients will most likely need to subscribe to the TQA Cloud “SBA” level of service, which currently costs $750 per month and allows up to 75 concurrent users. Lower-cost options include “Entry” service for microbusinesses (3 employees or less) at $100/month, and “Startup” for companies only needing 10 concurrent users.

TQA Cloud is also being updated to GCC High in order to allow it to be used for storing ITAR and other controlled unclassified information (CUI) common among aerospace companies. That effort is still underway.

To request a quote for QMS implementation including TQA Cloud, click here.

Existing Oxebridge clients can migrate their current QMS to TQA Cloud, as well.


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