For the second week in a row, Oxebridge’s presence on LinkedIn is blocked due to technical errors on the part of Microsoft’s business-oriented social media platform.

Automated “bot” replies continue to report that LinkedIn’s tech support is “overwhelmed” with support issues, hinting that problems are widespread. Oxebridge has been unable to have a human intervene, and requests that the issue be escalated to support managers were, themselves, responded to with bot replies.

LinkedIn’s bot replies are often signed with human names, but their copy-and-paste text indicates they are automated.

The issue appears to have arisen when a bot falsely identified content posted on the Oxebridge account as a violation of the LinkedIn User Agreement. A human did intervene, in that case, and corrected the error, saying the material did not violate any LinkedIn rules. That person promised the account would be restored “shortly,” but no humans have intervened since that time.

Oxebridge has been in communication with LinkedIn via Twitter, but those replies also appear to be bot-generated or, at least, copied-and-pasted by human staffers. They have promised the matter would be resolved “ASAP” for over a week.

The outage has caused concern as the ISO 9001 LinkedIn Group, with over 160,000 members, remains dark. This has led to some fearing that Oxebridge founder Christopher Paris is ill, or was banned from the service. Neither is true.

Oxebridge readers are urged to sign up for direct updates via the Oxebridge website to ensure ongoing access to ISO related news.


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