I didn’t see this coming, but buried in a note from ASQ Section 1118 (Middle Tennessee) was this chilling nugget from Chair Doug Sadtler:

As the Summer kicked off, ASQ introduced its new social community platform, myASQ.  This new platform is designed to be the Society’s future vehicle for communicating with its Membership, so I highly encourage you to engage with it – especially as it will overtake Section Websites (like this one) and social media accounts by Summer of 2019.  [This is one of the many things I am fighting with ASQ about.]

Read that again: the ASQ HQ has launched the myASQ community page to “overtake Section Websites and social media accounts by Summer of 2019.”

This comes as the William Troy rein already exhibited mindnumbing brutalism with its decision to forcibly take control of each Section’s funds, and then sell ANAB without consulting the locals. This comes as Troy allows his organization to support racists, promote women as objects, and openly refuses to enforce its own Code of Ethics. This comes as Troy and the ASQ Board throw their full weight into helping China in its trade war, by giving glowing interviews to Chinese state-run media and dissing US politicians.  It’s as if Troy sits up at night dreaming up ways to outrage his dwindling members, destroy the reputation of his organization, and turn ASQ into his own Politburo. One presumes it’s either that, or tying women to train tracks while twirling his mustache; Troy’s become a near-comedic caricature of villainy.

It makes total sense, and I’m slapping my head for not having seen this. Of course Troy’s ASQ would move to squash member communication. It was ASQ’s “Expert” George Hummel who convinced ASQ senior members Alka Jarvis and Lorri Hunt to cut off all communication between US TAG 176 members as they headed into the (rigged?) Chair election of Jarvis’ co-author, Paul Palmes. It’s ASQ’s Jennifer Admussen who has been scrambling around trying to get Oxebridge blocked from speaking at ASQ events across the country. It’s ASQ’s editor Seiche Sanders who refuses to adhere to the editorial policies of Quality Progress, and only publish mind-numbing fluff pieces which align with ASQ’s marketing strategy, while censoring reasoned debate. The current culture of ASQ is entirely consistent with one that censors,

This means that Sections will no longer be able to operate their own websites, and will have all their communications monitored by the ASQ mothership. The myASQ website already boasts how “some [MyASQ] communities are gated and are determined by your member profile.” Apparently, per Sadtler’s post, it also means ASQ HQ is taking control even over the Section’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other “social media accounts.” Tie another maiden on the rails!

I’ve been promising an in-depth article on how ASQ has adopted many of the practices of cults and multi-level marketing (MLM) outfits, and I really do intend on finishing it someday. But I almost need not to say it out loud, at this point. This latest move does reflect poorly on those ASQ members who elect to stay in the organization, willingly sacrificing their rights over finances, communication and even the control of their reputations, all to a senior leadership and Board that are, meanwhile, actively trying to move their jobs to China. Those that remain are, in the parlance of cults, “impressionable.”

Even Sadtler couldn’t bring himself to call on members to resist; instead, he says, “I highly encourage you to engage with it – especially as it will overtake….” Really? That’s the only option he could think of?

Here’s hoping at some point they wake up. No one should pay for the privilege of having their rights trampled on.



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