Daryl Guberman, the co-owner of the self-accredited ISO 9001 “certificate mill” G-PMC Registrars LLC, may be in violation of US federal election campaign laws, as he has claimed to be running for US Senate since at least 2016, and yet has not registered with the US Federal Elections Commission (FEC).

Guberman announced his candidacy for US Senate in 2016, and launched an official website at www.darylguberman.com. Since that time, he has actively engaged in fundraising efforts through his website and through press releases circulated by his business partner, Don LaBelle. LaBelle operates IndustrialPR.net, a press release distribution service, ensuring that Guberman’s press releases reach mainstream press outlets. In press releases, Guberman is referred to as “US Senate Candidate Daryl Guberman.”

US law requires that candidates must register with the FEC if they have announced their candidacy and have collected more than $5000 in campaign donations. The law allows potential candidates to “test the waters” without registering, but this right is sacrificed when the candidate makes any public statement announcing his or her candidacy for US office. The release of the Guberman website and publication of the press releases would thus negate any argument that Guberman is “testing the waters” under US law.

The Guberman website has been collecting donations since 2016, but it’s unlikely he has yet reached the $5,000 threshold required to register as a candidate. Regardless of whether cash donations are low, Guberman would be required to register as a candidate if the value of “in-kind” donations made by LaBelle and IndustrialPR.net press releases reached that threshold. The IndustrialPR website sells a “Platinum PR Package for $249 per press release, ensuring widespread distribution, and gives extensive press release services to Guberman. Oxebridge has counted at least 100 press releases issued to promote Guberman, distributed by LaBelle, which would indicate a value of over $25,000 in in-kind donations if deemed attached to his Senate campaign. LaBelle has likewise promoted Guberman on his company’s Facebook page, which may also be treated as an in-kind donation.

According to FEC filings, however, Guberman has not registered as a candidate. Moreover, Guberman has consistently claimed to be running as a Connecticut candidate for Senate in years when no Senate election is being held in that state. Previously, Guberman now claims to be running for a 2020 election, however the next Senate election in Connecticut is scheduled for 2022.

Senate announcements on Guberman’s Pinterest page.

A press release distributed through LaBelle’s operation claimed, “[Guberman] is also a well-known, and outspoken independent political activist who is considering a run for Senate in his home state of Connecticut in 2020.”

Guberman’s ISO 9001 and other certificates claim to be accredited by the “American Board of Accredited Certifications,” another firm operated by both Guberman and LaBelle.  While “ABAC” does not appear to be an actual company, and instead merely a website created by the two to market Guberman’s certification and consulting services, the site is being used to promote the Senate candidacy of Guberman. Additional press releases link to that site, also announcing Guberman as a candidate and asking for donations. Thus, ABAC’s finances may fall under scrutiny for its involvement in Guberman’s campaign activities.

Collecting campaign donations but not actually running for office, or failing to register as a candidate when required, are violations of US Federal law.

Guberman had a prior run-in with the law when he was arrested for driving under the influence in when his car swerved into oncoming traffic, as a police officer was following him.

Guberman and LaBelle sell self-accredited quality certifications for companies manufacturing products in various industries, including medical devices, aircraft components, medical marijuana testing laboratories and Kosher food producers. The certificates issued by their various companies violate ISO 17021 and ISO 17011, in that they certify their own work and do not follow minimum requirements for conducting audits prior to certification. Guberman and LaBelle have lashed out on social media against companies operating under the legitimate accreditation rules by falsely accusing them of anti-semitism, terrorism, treason and Nazism.

Guberman frequently posts outrageous, conspiracy-laden YouTube videos against his perceived enemies, including companies that merely decline his sales pitches. Guberman has received the support of senior ASQ members and US TAG to TC 176 leaders, including Alka Jarvis and Paul Palmes.  Guberman’s most recent videos show him wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat while accusing competitors of treason and “betraying America” and sponsoring terrorism.


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