There was a lull in my productivity for THE AUDITOR comic strip, but I’m working hard to rectify that. In the past week or so I have published a few dozen new strips, so make sure you go check them out. Click here, if you just want the latest strips, scroll to the bottom and click “Most Recent.”

You’re going to meet a lot of new faces, too. For the first time, UKAS CEO Matt Gantley joins the cast as Lord Voldematt, along with IAF Chair Emanuele Riva, who sports a familiar shirt. We take another look at what is happening at the (recently rebuilt) Ivory Tower of TC 176, and see how the US TAG group is handling things in that waffle restaurant in the deserted part of town.

As usual, it’s adults only there, as profanity abounds. There’s simply no way to have an honest conversation about the current state of ISO 9001 without swearing.