Meet Devindra Chattergoon, an up-and-coming TC 176’er from Trinidad whose fingerprints have been all over ISO’s latest decision to revise ISO 9001, whether the world wants it or not. After I posted the news of ISO’s corrupt decision to keep voting — over and over and over and over and over — until they got the answer they wanted, Chattergoon got upset when I outed him as a key player in that effort. Or he was happy.

In the post, I named Chattergoon alongside other ISO consultants Nigel Croft, Lorri Hunt, and Jose Dominguez as being part of the push to revise ISO 9001. I called them out on this since they all stand to make money if ISO publishes a new version, and make much less (as in nothing) if ISO doesn’t. Chattergoon threw a “laugh” emoji up, as if he were just outright snickering and not even trying to hide the contempt he has for both decency and the ISO user base.

So I guess he was happy?

But soon enough, he went to the old, tired trope of trying to somehow accuse me of conflicts of interest for pointing out the conflicts of interest. Chattergoon claimed that I stood to make more money than he will since he’s never written any books on ISO 9001, whereas I have. I pointed out that he’s been marketing the hell out of his role as convenor for TC 176 on various webpage for his private consultancy (see here and here), and that he even gave a seminar alongside Croft and the other turncoats (see here.) Chattergoon ignored that, and kept insistint he hadn’t written any “books” so I was therefore lying. (Never mind that the reference was to “books and seminars” and referred to any of the people I listed, not just Chattergoon. Chattergoon never mentioned “seminars” because he’s done a lot of them.)

So I asked him if he would pledge not to write a book on the revised ISO 9001 standard — since this would be the first time he’s had any significant role in ISO 9001, and that is like catnip to conflicted consultants. Chattergoon remained fixated on this argument that hadn’t written any boosk yet, telegarphng that he fully intends on writing one now. When I told him, “you’re spending a lot of time not answering my question,” he smugly shot back, “this is true.

So I pressed him again.  And, again, he wouldn’t commit to not doing the exact thing he was so insulted that I claimed he would do:

What a bellend.

So, yeah, he’s totally gonna write a book and profit from his corrupt manipulations to get ISO 9001 revised despite the official 2020 vote telling him not to.

So he was angry now? Uhh, I dunno. Because, next, he went on about how much he appreciated my calling him out by name, saying:

Except from you advertising me to your audience (none of whom have approached me for any business, though I think 7 to 10 started following me after your 1st post about me on LI), I’ve kept a fairly low profile online.  I’ve never gotten any business from LinkedIn, so please note that the context of my business environment in the Caribbean is very different from yours. But maybe if you keep promoting me that will change.

Then in the public thread, he posted, “Thank you for the advertisements Chris.” So I guess he’s happy again?

Inexplicably, Chattergoon then claimed in a DM that he didn’t say that, suggesting he was typing so fast, he had no idea what he was even writing anymore.

That’s more a sign someone is pissed off than happy, so I’m going with “angry.”

This same sort of smug contempt is exactly why you don’t see Paul Simpson posting about ISO 9001 anymore. But as usual, these berks always think they are exempt from any consequence, so Chattergoon believes he will get away with what Simpson couldn’t. Sure, that will end well.

You see, ISO has rules for social media posts made by its convenors and committee chairs. I don’t have those rules, because I’m not on TC 176, but Chattergoon totally does. So I can post whatever I want and watch these guys fall into the trap, while violating their own rules and exposing their conflicts in full view of everyone.

Clearly, Chattergoon should be tossed off TC 176 entirely, but he’s a good soldier. He sucks up to the Great Colonialist, Nigel Croft, and does what he and Lorri Hunt demand of him. Together, they got ISO to throw its entire reputation under the bus to force an unwanted revision to ISO 9001, and he’ll be rewarded, even if that does expose ISO’s corruption for all to see.

Because, listen, this is Chattergoon’s 15 minutes of fame. He’s never going to have any role that gives him any more public notice than TC 176, so of course he intends on riding this as far as it will go.

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Christopher Paris is the founder and VP Operations of Oxebridge. He has over 30 years' experience implementing ISO 9001 and AS9100 systems, and is a vocal advocate for the development and use of standards from the point of view of actual users. He is the author of Surviving ISO 9001 and Surviving AS9100. He reviews wines for the irreverent wine blog, Winepisser.


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