ISO’s Committee on Conformity assessment (CASCO) has published a document on standards development that contains, its own text, various grammatical errors.

Sure, no one likes a grammar Nazi, but I think in this case we can make an exception because it’s funny, and because it’s ISO.

The ISO CASCO document “Conformity Assessment for Standards Writers – Do’s and Don’ts ” starts off with a grammatical mistake right in its title. The apostraphe in the word “Do’s” doesn’t belong there. The proper spelling is “Dos and Don’ts.

But the thing that really got my attentoin was the PDF filename for the document, where they couldn’t even spell the word “writers” correctly. Here’s how it appears on ISO’s official page:

Writters.” I presume that is some cross between an actual writer and a critter. Maybe like half-man, half-possum?


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