Surviving ISO 9001Let’s get this out of the way first. There has never been a book on ISO 9001 — nor the profession of quality management — like Surviving ISO 9001:2015:  What Went So Wrong with the World’s Foremost Quality Management Standard, and How to Implement It Anyway. Told from the point of view of the industry’s most famous and steadfast critic, Christopher Paris, the book reveals the true background wranglings and skulduggery that led to the famous quality management standard’s latest revision, and then presents proven, real-world advice on how to implement it.

Yes, this book comes with an adult language warning. No holds are barred, and names are named. This is as uncompromising at it is hilarious.

Christopher Paris — the author of Eyesore 9000 and DumbAS9100 — presents a remarkable backroom insight into just how ISO 9001 devolved from the elegant 9-page MIL-Q-9858 into the convoluted, labyrinthine maze of requirements and endless supporting standards that it has become. Then, Mr. Paris deciphers the entire thing into “Human English,” so it can be understood and used by anyone. The book includes help on how to use the free ISO 9001 files, all available through the Oxebridge website, to further assist in implementation.

To learn more about Surviving ISO 9001, and to read sample chapters, click here. To purchase this unforgettable book, and set your company on a less-insane path to ISO 9001 compliance, get the book in either hardcopy paperback or e-book tablet edition on Amazon.



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